I’ve asked the question in countless past articles whenever this pretender to the throne has done or said something not only beneath the office of the presidency, but beneath the dignity of decent human beings in general: Does Barack Obama have no shame? No sooner had our disingenuous president “completed his evolution” and come out of the closet (once again) in support of same-sex marriage than his official reelection campaign website store began selling LGBT merchandise.

What kind of President of the United States has a store? A store that sells everything from items displaying his ridiculous cultish logo – to onesies for babies that read: “My Two Dads (Moms) Support Obama”? Hell – what kind of president has a logo – with his initial on it? 

Yes, America; everything from onesies supporting same-sex marriage, to the sure to be popular “LGBT for Obama Party Pack” can be purchased from the President of the United States of America. Maybe this laughingstock of an opportunist has no shame – but must we follow suit? Irrespective of one’s beliefs about same-sex marriage – or heterosexual marriage – the blatant exploitation that this man exhibits on a regular basis is a disgrace to this country. Period. Gays alike should be outraged by his political expediency – particularly by his embarrassing exploitation of them for personal gain – and cash.

Memo to gays: Think about it; this guy has gone into – and come out of – the closet on your behalf multiple times over the last six years. Why? To win elections. You might not want to believe it – and I know you don’t like hearing it – but it is categorically true. How else can it be explained?

All your president did was offer up just another dose of strategically-timed, empty campaign rhetoric. In fact, by throwing the same-sex marriage ball to the states, he rightly asserted states’ rights under federalism. Think about it; if the O-man were as convicted as he pretends to be, why did the Regime announce that he will not call for the support of same-sex marriage in the Democratic platform at the convention?

So, to all you gays who support Obama, (Is that redundant?) what better way to demonstrate your support than to exploit your one year old – or throw a party as only you can throw a party? (This one handsomely decorated with whatever LGBT for Obama gear tickles your fancy.) Yep, you can play right into the O-man’s hands. He’s counting on it.

You’re being played, LGBT America. Just like O plays blacks, Hispanics, unionists and women. It’s all about votes. 


What’s next – a “Jihad for Obama” line?

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  1. Were cloth, shirts, and printing…”Made in America”…made in America being understood to mean in USA?

  2. To answer your question, no, there is nothing beneath him, there isn’t room for a worm, let alone a snake in the grass.

    • But where? Not long ago some candidate was ridiculed because tee shirts were purchased out of country, why not with this one? And also how placed on market so soon? Day or two after “historic evolution.” And with Obamacare…that 2000 pages been in the socialist drawer for decades…waiting for the “hour of the time.” By the way Nebraska…seen your comments at other sites, Mark America the first, and responded to you. Thanks for answer.

      • Yeah, that crossed my mind too, 36 hrs is awfully fast to market from a standing start. Biden pushed it? Yeah, right. Get it out of the way now so the uproar might go away by Nov is more likely. I like your work, and I’ll admit, while I understand his thinking, I miss Mark’s old site, it was just easier. I always try to answer, sometimes takes time but, I’ll bet you have similar problems.

        • Yeah…Biden did the bidding. Even the dunce has purpose. Yes, Mark’s old site was easy to post on. What ain’t broke don’t need to much fixing. Liking my work? Gee, gosh…thanks. Just sitting here watching stuff go over my head for the most part, and posting to about what I can grasp. My similar problem is remembering where I posted to see who I irritated. :) Waiting for new commentary from M.A. now that Gingrich has flown into the cuckoo nest. I will be voting even it only against, lesser evil I’ll deal with later. And somebody will be posting where this store stuff was manufactured before long.

          • Vocabulary isn’t intelligence, as Bill O’Reilly demonstrates every day :-). You’ve got the main point, we have to work with the tools we have.

            I’d bet on Asia simply because there are very few (if any) American manufacturers left, especially that can handle large orders.


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