Okay, So Now O’s Calling Mitt A Vampire


So, okay; O’s new campaign ad technically calls Mitt Romney’s firm – Bain Capital – a vampire. But in the eyes of the public, what’s the difference? It’s the same as if I called the Regime a disingenuous, pandering, hypocritical bunch of exploitative socialists hellbent on destroying America as we know it, is it not? In either case, the message is received as intended.

In the event you missed it, the O reelection campaign has made the strategic decision to attack Mitt Romney on job creation, which is like Joan Rivers criticizing Burt Reynolds for having too much plastic surgery. Seriously, O? Really?

The O-man’s new ad focuses on GS Technologies, a steel mill in Kansas City, which was acquired by Romney’s private equity firm Bain Capital and went bankrupt soon after. (The irony of Solyndra is not lost here; at least Romney didn’t flush $535 million in taxpayer money down the toilet with GST, did he?) The ad attempts to paint Romney as out of touch with the needs of the local workers and concerned only with Bain’s own profits. (as opposed to the O-man only being concerned with his own reelection.)

“We view Mitt Romney as a job destroyer,” says one former mill worker in the ad. Another shill calls Bain “a vampire. They came in and sucked the life out of us.”

The spot will air in five key states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa and Colorado. It will run for only one day – May 16 – on the evening news. (The “major” networks, which will provide an excellent opportunity for the lapdogs to do excellent color commentary directly following the airing.) For your viewing pleasure, the O campaign has also launched a website – RomneyEconomics.com – which posts a six-minute version of the ad. Enjoy.

Of course, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul countered with reality – a foreign concept to the O-man and his minions: “Mitt Romney helped create more jobs in his private sector experience and more jobs as Governor of Massachusetts than President Obama has for the entire nation.”

Bain bought GST in 1993. Less than a decade later, the plant closed, and 750 workers lost their jobs. The workers were denied their severance and health insurance, and their pensions were cut. While it’s true that Romney was with Bain when it made the acquisition, he left the firm in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. The steel company did not declare bankruptcy until 2001.

This fact – of course – has little bearing on Obamalogic. (See: “Continue to blame everything I screw up for the rest of my life on George Bush.”) Argued Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter on a conference call with reporters:“He set this in motion.” Of course he did, Stephanie, of course he did.

Yep, that whole ‘civil discourse’ thing’s sure workin’ out well for O, huh? Just like Hope and Change.


Actually, with all that hair Romney has, I would’ve expected O to go with a werewolf theme.

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  1. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:

    So exactly how many years did Obama, or any of his top staff, work in the private sector?

  2. I can’t recall the name of the company, but a while back the obama regime pulled this stunt with nother of Bain’s acquisitions. Turns out that particular company was sold by Bain to….. brace yourself…a TEACHERS UNION, who promptly bankrupted it and shut the doors on hundreds of employees. Of course, the obama clan tried to make it appear as though Romney was a “vampire” then, too, but it didn’t take long for us to find out the real story. If it weren’t for the blogosphere, we’d NEVER hear about obama’s lies. His minions in the media wouldn’t DARE post the truth about obama and his horrid clan. I’m no fan of Romney, but he deserves to be defended against these lies.

    • Outstanding comment, and yes, you are right; were it not for the blogosphere keeping things real – these clowns would get away with even more than they’re getting away with now.

      • I remember, not so long ago, actually believing that the mainstream media were our “Government Watchdogs”. We trusted them to expose the crimes committed by public servants in DC and in Capitals across this nation. Little did we know they are nothing more than treasonous accomplices to the complete destruction of this once great Nation. Liars, most all of them, and we can’t trust them one bit. Most of us know now that we have to do our own investigtions in order to get to the truth.

        • Yep. Sadly, the “mainstream” media has become little more than the fifth column for “progressivism” – always loved that misnomer – and its stated intent of destroying America as we know it. This – of course – is why the left hates Fox News, Rush Limbaugh & Co. – and of course, us: the dreaded conservative blogosphere – who must seem like a rock in their collective shoes.

  3. The dreaded conservative blogosphere…:

  4. here’s the difference – which either you know and are ignoring or you don’t know: bain capital had the specific intention to acquire and then dismantle companies, selling them off to a scrap heap and increasing unemployment. when obama suggested we invest in solyndra, he believed it was a good company. romney knew what bain was doing and how they were doing it. that’s a big difference.

    • Here’s the “difference”, Rich. Bain capital has an obligtion to their investors to dump bad investments. They would be derilict in their duties if they recognized that steel company was a loser nd didn’t shut it down. The POTUS, however, stole money from the American taxpayers and invested in his cronies to pay them off for their favors. Not just Solyndra, but in several of his cronies pockets. It’s called crony capitalism, Rich. Bain has a job to do. The obama reime is not doing their job. Rather they are pillging the merican people to take care of their own. That’s the difference, Rich. Either you don’t know it, or you are ignoring it.

    • Do some more research; you’re painting a biased picture of Bain – strictly for political purposes.

      Drop back by if you need some help.

      • but you’re not painting a biased picture?

        • By writing about the O-man calling Romney – er, sorry – Bain, a vampire who sucks the life out of people? Nope, sorry.

          As I’ve said many times, if Obama has accomplished such wonders in the 3 1/2 years of his reign – why is he always in attack mode vs. lauding his own accomplishments? (With the exception of personally going over the wall and shooting bin Laden, that is.)

          Will post a non-selective article on Bain tomorrow. C’mon back.

          • always in attack mode? really? oh, maybe in the past few weeks? it’s part of campaigning. as for his accomplishments, keep in mind that the president does not write laws. the president does not vote in congress. he can only “accomplish” what comes across his desk.

          • You’ve now crossed over into delusional. Your president has railed about “class warfare” from the outset of his reign. He doesn’t know the difference between campaigning and governing. Out.

          • class warfare. you mean like how the upper class wants to be tax free but they want the middle class to pay more? you mean that class warfare?

          • More delusion. Site ONE proof source that says the “upper class” wants to be tax-free. ONE.

            P.S. The top 1% earns approximately 18% of total income and pays nearly 40% of total taxes. How much is their “fair share”? Again – liberal talking points.

          • you can’t tell exaggeration? of course they want to be tax free, but i didn’t say they expect to be tax free.

          • how about romney saying several years ago that he was against the auto bailout and said we should have them them fail. then last week he said he takes credit for the success of the auto bailout? how does a governor take credit for a federal program?

      • you’re not making statements for political purposes? you’re not going to be anti-obama no matter what he does? yeah, okay. if i want your kind of help, i’ll ask karl rove.

        • When Obama begins to accept responsibility for ANYTHING that’s gone wrong during the last 3 1/2 years, I’ll begin to write objective articles about him.

          P.S. Check the archives for my article praising his speech in Tucson following the Giffords shooting; you’ll be surprised. Too bad it ended up being bull crap. (i.e. moats and alligators and enemies and stuff.)

          • how much of the last 3 1/2 years are the republicans/geo. bush going to take the blame for? they laid the groundwork by starting multiple wars ten years ago, wars that have bankrupted us and stuffed trillions in halliburton’s pockets as well as foreign regimes.

          • This is nothing but buck-passing and liberal talking points. We didn’t hire your president to tell whose fault everything was, did we? We hired him to fix things. He’s arguably made them worse – and shirked total responsibility.

          • fyi: bill clinton could have taken out bin laden before 9/11 ever happened. he didn’t do it because it was too close to the election, he knew it would start a war, and he did not want to start a war that the next president would inherit. bush’s war was a rumsfeld orchestration that followed a plan to nation-build in the middeast. it was the same plan he proposed to g. bush the first, but that bush told him to get lost. this bush – not so. he created a world war, and it is a world war, that was impossible to win. here’s a question for you to answer that i guess you will ignore: what do you think our current economy would be like if those wars in iraq and afghanistan had never happened? what would our economy be like now?

          • “He didn’t want to start a war that the next president would inherit.”

            Talk about pathetic spin! You’re a Kool-Aid-drinking fool.

          • please don’t bother with any more comments. to comment back and forth is useless because you have no ability to consider what others say. if you want to call me a kool-aid drinker, go right ahead, but at least have the ability to recognize that if i am, then you are equally drinking from the other side of the glass.

          • Your trolling is now annoying. Sorry I let it go on as long as I did. Move on.

          • It’s my blog, jackass. I’ll comment whenever and wherever I please. As for you – you’re done.

          • yes. i said i was done two comments ago. so have fun pretending that you’re chasing me away.

  5. Looks like the Romney team is fighting back with the facts.

    More on this, from PJMedia: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012/05/14/romney-campaign-launches-gst-steel-facts-tumblr-site/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Romney Campaign Launches ‘GST Steel Facts’ Tumblr Site

    The Mitt Romney campaign today launched “GST Steel Facts,” a Tumblr blog that details Bain Capital’s relationship with GST Steel. The company, which went bankrupt in 2001, features in an ad that the Obama campaign released earlier today. The Obama ad calls Romney a “vampire” and suggests that he is responsible for the workers at GST Steel losing their jobs.

    The Obama ad has fallen apart on the facts, chiefly because Romney had left Bain Capital two years before GST’s collapse, to save the Salt Lake City Olympics. The Obama ad therefore accuses Romney of misdeeds, when there were no misdeeds, GST failed despite Bain’s intervention to save it, and Romney was tasked with saving a more high profile national effort — and in which Romney succeeded.

    Even Obama’s former car czar, Steve Rattner, has blasted the Obama ad as unfair.

    Rattner, nicknamed the “car czar” for his work on the auto bailout, has worked in the private equity industry himself. He told “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, “I think the ad is unfair.”

    Romney should never have said anything about creating jobs while he was at Bain, Rattner added. “Bain Capital’s responsibility was not to create 100,000 jobs or some other number. It was to make profits for its investors, most of whom were pension funds, endowments, and foundations” he said.

    “It did it superbly well, acting within the rules, acting very responsibly, and was a leading firm. To pick out an example of somebody who lost their job, unfortunately, this is part of capitalism, this is part of life. I don’t think there’s anything Bain Capital did that they need to be embarrassed about.”

    The Romney campaign’s “GST Steel Facts” site includes Romney’s response to the Obama ad, tweets and links to stories about the facts, and this ad that details a Bain Capital steel success story, titled “American Dream.”


  6. Rat, you are much more polite than I with glassy eyed idiots like rich here. “Attack mode” he asks? Yeah, but I don’t play defense anymore. I play offense with those dirty beasts. Trying to get the facts to sink in with those bobble-headed morons is like trying to talk with a jacked-up heroin addict about the perils of doing heroin. They just keep rambling the same lies, over and over and over in perpetuity. I used to say the only “people” I could ever truly “hate” were rapists, pedophiles and rapists. That’s not true anymore. I HATE vermin like “rich” here more than anyone or anything on this planet. Why waste time with them anymore? They’re never going to wake up they’re just too deeply brainwashed.

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