A record number of citizens on food stamps. Record numbers of people applying for and receiving Social Security Disability Income. Union violence against those who oppose unions becomes the norm. Government-run healthcare is passed into law. Threats and violence by members of one race against another – with tacit approval from the government – occur without fear of recrimination. Relentless class warfare rhetoric designed to divide the country is accepted from the highest politicians in the land. Heightened animosity toward the wealthy class and private industry is not only accepted; it spreads like cancer. Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right.

Does this sound like America – or more like Vladimir Lenin’s Soviet Union? 

Senator Obama continually complained about “distractions” during the 2008 campaign whenever the political conversation veered away from the economy and jobs. But now? After 3 1/2 years of failure to improve either – he creates distractions precisely to avoid discussion on the state of the economy and jobs. (contraceptive mandate, “war on women,” the death of Osama bin Laden, same-sex marriage, etc.) Barack Hussein Obama may not be operating entirely out of Vladimir Lenin’s playbook – but he’s coming pretty damn close.

Liberals can obfuscate, deny – and outright lie – but the facts remain the facts: The objectives of socialism – and yes, communism – can only be achieved by the creation of a society in which the citizenry is totally dependent upon the state. Step one of creating that dependency is the alienation – and ultimate destruction – of the wealthy class and the free-market system. Step two is the deconstruction of the existing state. In this context, the O-man has achieved extraordinary results during the 3 1/2 years of his reign.

Barack Obama is hellbent on the Europeanization of America – and he is determined to achieve it by any means necessary: class warfare, circumvention of Congress and the Constitution, intimidation of the Supreme Court and selective enforcement (or the lack thereof) of existing federal law. (See: Federal Immigration Legislation, Defense of Marriage Act, ObamaCare.)

For all the talk by the liberal establishment from day one about the extraordinary brilliance of The One – and how blessed we are as a nation to have him as our president – at the end of the day, the O-man’s strategy is simple: Divide and divert.

Divide socioeconomic class against socioeconomic class. Divide those who support abortion against those who don’t. Divide race against race. Divert attention and discussion away from those issues which he considered to be paramount during the 2008 campaign – the economy and jobs – and toward manufactured issues – over which he is fully aware the lapdogs in the liberal media will dutifully obsess until the next excuse to avoid substantive discussion of his failed presidency is issued.

Oh, yeah – and he’s fully aware that “less-than-informed” liberals will buy every bit of it – hook, line and sinker too.

Pathetically, each group on which the O-man focuses for a minute behaves as if something wonderful – and historic – has occurred: Pro-abortion“choice” women laud his bullying of the Catholic church over the contraceptive mandate, blacks threaten George Zimmerman and attack innocent whites after O tells them if he “had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” gays euphorically celebrate O’s “historical” statement on same-sex marriage – failing to realize that his empty campaign rhetoric did nothing more than acknowledge states’ rights under federalism. (The Regime subsequently announced that O will not be supporting the inclusion of a same-sex marriage plank in the Democratic platform at the convention.) They all buy in. Every time.

Yep, O achieves the desired effect with each group he exploits. He only hopes it continues – at least until November 6.


Just can’t lose that “Emperor’s New Clothes” image in my mind.

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  1. Dude ….. really!! – Patriot Warrior

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