We all knew it would come to this, didn’t we? The O-man has spent his entire presidency trying his socialist best to “be like Europe.” And now? Europe wants to be like the O-man. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Is this a match made in economic Armageddon, or what? What’s next – the G8 leaders unanimously agreeing to implement the Greek economic model in each of their respective countries?

Yes, folks, the G8 (sans German Chancellor Angela Merkel, apparently the only responsible adult in the room) have fallen in lockstep with the O-man: Damn the economic torpedoes – full speed ahead! To Crazy Town. All aboard! (Translation: These “leaders” are scared crapless after seeing France’s Nicolas Sarkozy – and his attempt to reign in spending – go down in flames earlier this month.)

Gutless G8 leaders banded together Saturday to press Germany to back more “pro-growth policies” ostensibly to halt the deepening debt crisis in Europe, as the O-man – for the first time – gained widespread support for his argument that Europe, and the United States by implication, cannot afford Angela Merkel’s emphasis on austerity. Sounds like the drinking fountains at Camp David were filled with Kool-Aid. O sure is a sneaky little devil, huh?

“Our imperative,” said the G8’s statement, “is to promote growth and jobs.” Uh huh. That’s what the O-man says too.

The G8 did concede somewhat to Merkel’s position on austerity, acknowledging that national budget deficits must be addressed. But – they added that spending cuts must “take into account countries’ evolving economic conditions.” Let’s see – with Greece already down the tubes, and Portugal, Italy and Spain not far behind, I’d say their economic conditions have damn near “evolved.” Perhaps two or three years of “hope and change” would finish them off.

While Merkel has insisted on the need for tough fiscal discipline to bring down suffocating debt levels across the euro zone, the O-man has continued to beat the drum for additional “investment” (deficit spending) and a strong “growth agenda.” (more deficit spending) Following the defeat of Sarkozy in France’s presidential election, the other G8 leaders are now drinking the O-man’s Kool-Aid in big gulps.

In an attempt to demonstrate the wisdom of his economic philosophy, the O-man took his fellow leaders outside for a game Saturday afternoon. In the yard, they found eight deep holes. Upon climbing into their respective holes, at the bottom of which they each found a shovel, the O-man announced that the object of the game was to see who could escape his or her hole first. Then, he yelled: “On the count of three; one, two, three – start digging!” 

Unidentified witnesses report that Merkel climbed out of her hole, as the dirt flew around her at a fever pitch. 


And the band played on.

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