Okay, So Now Lesbians Are Faking Hate Crimes


Crime is crime. Period. ‘Hate crime’ is liberal drivel. Lesbians (or anyone else) faking hate crime is even worse.

Two lesbians who claimed to be victims of a hate crime last year when hateful messages were scrawled on their Colorado home are now being accused of staging the whole thing. Now that’s hateful.

Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin told police last October that vandals had spray-painted “Kill the Gay” on their garage door and left a noose hanging on their front door. The couple said they believed the alleged incidents were in retaliation for disputes they were having with their homeowners association over their dog. Hmm, I’ve been involved in a few disputes with various homeowners associations over the years; can’t say that I remember ever seeing “Kill the Conservative” spray-painted on my garage door or finding a noose on my front door knob.

Given that the incident was classified as a “hate crime,” the FBI arrived on the scene. The two women were tested by federal agents to determine whether they had spray-paint residue on their hands, and were also asked to take a lie detector test, which they both declined to do.

Authorities later determined that the women were responsible for the spray-painted words and the placement of the noose on their own front door. Now, the loving couple faces two counts each of criminal mischief and false reporting. Whitchurch faces an additional charge of forgery.

As Barack Obama any good liberal many people do when caught with their pants down, the lesbians came up with a scapegoat: an ex-roommate. An ex-roommate with a history of drug abuse who “told lies” about them, no less. Uh huh. Just another stroll down Liberal Lane on Planet Obama.

Given that the couple knew there would never be an arrest as a result of the staged crime, what was their motivation? Publicity? A pathetic attempt to cover up the fact that they had beat the crap out of each other? A phone call of support from the O-man? We may never know the answer, but the concept of “hate crime” is ridiculous.

Crime is crime. Violent attacks upon people or property are already illegal, regardless of the motive behind them. The idea of additional punishment for politically incorrect thoughts that allegedly motivate those who commit “hate crimes” seems to me to be unconstitutional, but hell – I’m just a conservative political blogger, what do I know?

 Imagine the outcry from the media if an atheist were to be charged with a hate crime for desecrating a church.

I can picture the O-man saying, “If I had a lesbian son, he’d look just like Aimee or Chrystal.”

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5 replies

  1. Moosechelle has a bigger “package” than Barry does; anyway; making them both lesbians.

    But who gives a crap; as they are both losers, in their own right; and Barry’s not even Constitutionally eligible to seek or to hold anything more than the office of Great Dane Insemenator. – until the dogs complain; as everything that that rancid piece of obama (same difference) does is a stark bold failure and a lie.

  2. Exactly, Rat. Crime is crime; hate crime is pure theatre masked as thoughtcrime. Personally, I think faking a so-called hate crime should carry the same penalty as the hate crime plus 5 years without parole. If we’re going to legislate thought, let’s do it right.

  3. ‘I can picture the O-man saying, “If I had a lesbian son, he’d look just like Aimee or Chrystal.”’

    Now that’s funny…

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