WaPo Attacks Romney Over ‘Mormon Militia Massacre’ – 155 Years Ago!


By a show of hands, how many of you are familiar with the Mountain Meadows Massacre? Neither was I. Maybe because it happened 155 years ago. “It” was an attack in Utah by a Mormon militia (and Native Americans) on a wagon train of Arkansas settlers headed for California. And why is it in the news now, you ask? Because Mitt Romney is Mormon, of course.

And because the ever-watchful Washington Post is suddenly worried that the pre-Civil War event might – just maybe – cause problems for the Romney campaign in Arkansas. How thoughtful and caring of the WaPo. Such a maternally-instinctive organization, isn’t it?

This is a perfect example of the disingenuousness of the liberal media; if the WaPo is so worried about the potential damage to the Romney campaign – which is a ridiculous assumption at best – why in the hell did it run the story in the first place? (Pick “Because the liberal media is apoplectic over the rise of Romney in the polls and the slide of Dear Leader – and will do anything it can do to prop up the latter.”)

Case in point: The Obama Media Group (OMG) was aghast over the possibility that Mitt Romney allegedly cut the hair of a fellow student – 50 years ago – who may or may not have been gay. (Relatives of the haircut’s recipient have no recollection of the event, and doubt that it happened as trumpeted in the liberal media.) Then, we saw pretty much zero interest from the same sock puppets in the newly surfaced Jeremiah Wright tapes that show the “reverend” was offered a bribe to shut his mouth until after the 2008 election – by none other than Team Obama.

Before we get started, imagine how desperate these people must be to research an event that happened 155 years ago – and then, actually run the “news flash” with a straight face – in a pathetic attempt to smear Mormonism – and Mitt Romney by association.

These are the same people who dismissed the fact that the late Democratic senator from Virginian, Robert Byrd – a one time Senate Majority Leader – was an Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan during the 1940s. These are same people who continue to ignore the fact that it is indeed the Democratic Party that has a horrific and lengthy record of racism. (Curiously, the DNC’s website mysteriously eliminates those years from its history section.) These are the same people who not only gave Bill Clinton a pass on his sordid history of dalliances when he ran for the presidency – but was quick to forget his escapades in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky and a cigar.

And the Obama Media Group bristles with indignation when accused of partisan politics. 

Anyway, back to 1857. In an article titled “Mitt Romney’s Faith Tangles With a Quirk of Arkansas History,” WaPo writes:

On the wildflower-studded slopes of the Ozarks, where memories run long and family ties run thick, a little-known and long-ago chapter of history still simmers. On Sept. 11, 1857, a wagon train from this part of Arkansas met with a gruesome fate in Utah, where most of the travelers were slaughtered by a Mormon militia in an episode known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Hundreds of the victims’ descendants still populate these hills and commemorate the killings, which they have come to call “the first 9/11.

Many of the locals grew up hearing denunciations of Mormonism from the pulpit on Sundays, and tales of the massacre from older relatives who considered Mormons “evil.”

“There have been Fancher family reunions for 150 years, and the massacre comes up at every one of them,” said Scott Fancher, 58, who traces his lineage back to 26 members of the wagon train. “The more whiskey we drunk, the more resentful we got.” 

Of course, WAPo couldn’t simply say the travelers were attacked by the militia, could they? Nope, they were slaughtered – by evil Mormons no less. And that 9/11 reference? Clever stuff.

In an effort to tie Romney to the event – and draw as much distinction between him and the O-man that it possibly can, WaPo continues:

In another quirk of history, both of the main presidential candidates have ties to this region. Parley Pratt, an ancestor of Romney’s and an esteemed figure in the Mormon Church, was murdered in Arkansas shortly before the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Historians have speculated that anger over this killing may have played a part in the massacre.

And in a cemetery nearby is buried Nathaniel Bunch, an ancestor of Obama’s, according to local genealogists, who say Bunch was a contemporary of the wagon train emigrants.

Ah, there’s nothing like a dot-connecting exercise by liberals to prove guilt by (ridiculous) association. (Unless, of course, we’re talking about Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.) WaPo continues with a bit more dot-connecting:

There aren’t many places in America more likely to be suspicious of Mormonism – and potentially more problematic for Mitt Romney, who is seeking to become the country’s first Mormon president. Not only do many here retain a personal antipathy toward the religion and its followers, but they also tend to be Christian evangelicals, many of whom view Mormonism as a cult.

Astonishingly, WaPo writes that – when polled – a majority of Republicans say Mitt Romney’s faith is not a reason to oppose him. In fact, the idiot who wrote the story goes on to concede:

 And yet, there is scant evidence that Romney’s religion is making much difference in how voters here are thinking about the presidential election and whether they are willing to back the former Massachusetts governor.

Excuse my thick-headedness, but why the hell did you “worry” about whether the evil Mormon cult will be problematic for Romney with Arkansas voters if you had no evidence to suggest that his faith will have an impact on the election? Just in case, right?

For the record, eight out of 10 Republicans and Democrats say Romney’s faith is not a major reason to oppose him, according to an April Washington Post-ABC News poll. And a recent study by the Brookings Institution found that Romney’s religion may actually increase his support from conservative voters, including white evangelicals.

First it was the alleged haircut of 50 years ago. Then it was the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 155 years ago. What’s next – a newly-discovered genealogical tie between Mitt Romney and Latter Day Saints founder, Joseph Smith? 


I wonder which group the OMG detests more – Mormons or white evangelicals? I’m sure it’s a toss-up.

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