Why Is Liberal Media Ignoring Catholic Lawsuit Against The Regime?


Am I just cynical, or would a lawsuit filed by atheists against the Bush Aministration have received wall-to-wall coverage (and support) from the “mainstream” media? Of course it would have. Hell – the bandwagon would have been so crowded, there wouldn’t have been room for the fat asses of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to squeeze onboard. Chris “Tingles” Matthews would have wet himself repeatedly as he frothed – night after night – about the injustice perpetrated on “decent Americans everywhere” by the stupid drunk from Texas. The New York Times would have run out of ink printing banner headlines.

Why is it then, that the largest lawsuit in defense of religious freedom in the history of America has been ignored by ABC and NBC – and given a scant 19 seconds of coverage by CBS? Because any story that doesn’t advance the cause of the Regime is deemed “unnewsworthy” by the Obama Media Group – and subsequently diminished, buried or ignored altogether.

On May 21, 43 Catholic dioceses and organizations sued the Regime over its laughable interpretation of how a “religious institution” can be defined under Obamacare. Never has the Catholic Church — or any religious organization, for that matter — undertaken a legal effort of this scope and magnitude. Yet – ABC and NBC have completely ignored the story, while CBS has devoted 19 seconds to this watershed event. Coincidence? Uh huh.

Before we present CBS with a Pulitzer Prize for at least mentioning the event, let’s consider how it was mentioned: CBS deliberately mischaracterized the lawsuit by framing it as a contraception issue – when in reality, it is a religious freedom issue. Are we to believe that CBS was too stupid to understand the difference? Of course not.

In the early days of the controversy over the the Regime’s contraception mandate, the lapdogs of the Obama Media Group did their frantic best to trot out every Catholic they could find in support of contraception and abortion. They desperately put together polls in an effort to prop up the O-man. They said the Catholic Church was out-of-step with its members. The Catholic Church – with 60 million members in the U.S. – has now answered:

“We will not comply” with a healthcare law that strips Catholics of their religious liberty.

And this isn’t news?

Timothy Cardinal Dolan, head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops used the word “horror” to describe the Regime’s contraception mandate as it relates to Catholics and other religious organizations:

“I worry that members of his administration might not particularly understand our horror at the restrictive nature of this exemption that they’re giving us, that for the first time that we can remember, a bureau of the federal government seems to be radically intruding into the internal definition of what a church is. We can’t seem to get that across.”

The Cardinal politely said that he hesitated to question the president’s sincerity – even though The O-man had promised in a 2009 Notre Dame commencement address to “honor the conscience” of his opponents on abortion.I’ll take this one, Cardinal Dolan; Barack Obama is a liar. Plain and simple. Oh – and welcome to the club.

Funny – the Obama Media Group doesn’t seem to have a problem with wall-to-wall coverage of the Catholic Church when it comes to allegations of sexual abuse, does it? My, oh my, “journalism” sure is confusing.


The blatant hypocrisy of the liberal media would be hysterical – were it not so tragic.

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  1. Is there an update on this story? Please share.

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