How long ago was it that conservatives lamented – wholeheartedly encouraged by liberals and the Obama Media Group – over the “weak field” of Republican candidates? Bull crap. Earlier this week, following Obama-sycophant Wolf Blitzer’s ambush of Donald Trump over clinging to the birther issue – strategically planned to coincide with Mitt securing the nomination – dutiful liberal “journalists” did what dutiful liberal “journalists” always do; they hounded Mitt Romney to denounce Trump – and separate himself from the whole birther issue. Again.

Romney has said numerous times that he believes O was born in Hawaii – and that there are far more critical issues over which to attack the O-man. He’s right.

As Rush Limbaugh noted yesterday, this liberal-media-manufactured story would have been a whole lot different four years ago with John McCain. McCain would not only have repudiated Trump’s comments immediately – he would have pulled an Obama and thrown Trump as far under the bus as possible – just to placate the Obama Media Group. Thank God – this is 2012. And Mitt Romney is no John McCain. As a result, this is what Mitt said in response to the liberal media feeding frenzy:

“I don’t agree with all the people who support me. And my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in.” 

Balls. Sorry, but that’s exactly what it is. Republicans for far too long have meekly played along with the left’s “gotcha” game, as if all hell would break loose if they upset the media. Now? It appears that Mitt Romney will fail to play ball. 

Speaking of Romney’s balls, perhaps you caught the O-man’s campaign manager’s speech in Boston yesterday? (Whose campaign manager gives speeches?) How priceless was that? David Axelrod thought he’d just roll into Boston – the bastion of American Liberalism – and trash Mitt Romney? Can you spell a-r-r-o-g-a-n-t? Sadly for the O-Team, it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

Guess what, liberals? Not only does Mitt Romney understand your game, he’s prepared to meetcha – straight up – on your field. Want more proof? In response to the much-deserved heckling visited upon David Axelrod yesterday, Mitt had this response:

 It appears that the Romney campaign is willing and able to meet – tit for tat – the ridiculous tactics, charges and claims of  Team Obama head on. How refreshing is that? The Gipper would be proud.


A November concession speech by the O-man. How priceless would that be? I’m talking pay-per-view.

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  1. Finally, a GOP candidate who isn’t afraid to not only look Obama in the eye, but stare him down as well. Good on Romney. Perhaps we should have overlooked the unwarranted fears of Mormonism and nominated him in ’08, eh?

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