Rat Droppings From Planet Looney Tunes: Liberals Gone Wild Edition


The hardest part with this edition of Rat Droppings – which is the hardest part with every edition of Rat Droppings – was the agonizing task of triage, America. Yep, Liberals Gone Wild features some outstanding performances this go-around. They must have made the latest batch of Kool-Aid extra potent; the loons have been off the hook this week. Where, oh where to begin? I guess the O-man’s “Polish Death Camps” blast – and subsequent refusal to apologize to the people of Poland is as good a place as any, isn’t it?

ARROGANT O-MAN REFUSES TO APOLOGIZE FOR ‘POLISH DEATH CAMPS’ GAFFE. This is a classic example of the O-man’s self-consuming arrogance – and the trouble it causes him. (Which is really fun to watch.)  During the presentation of a posthumous award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Holocaust hero Jan Karski, a Polish underground officer who provided the Allies with early eyewitness accounts of Nazi genocide, O referred to WWII Nazi concentration camps in Poland as “Polish death camps.”

As one might expect, Poles are hyper-sensitive to the Polish reference in conjunction with the concentration camps – given that nearly six million Polish citizens perished under Nazi Germany’s brutal occupation of their country. The Poles also abhor the reference because some believe it implies that Poland was complicit with the Nazis in the establishment and operation of the camps.

While no one (other than liberals) expects the O-man to be perfect, (See: Obama: 57 states, “Austrian” language), is it not reasonable to expect him to personally apologize for his slip up – particularly a slip up as insensitive as this one? (Allah knows he would do so in a Muslim minute if offended an Islamic country.) Especially, given that the president of Poland graciously asked him to do so?

Nope, not the O-man. Too thin-skinned. Might make him look like a mere mortal. All the Regime could offer up was simple “regret” for the misstatement by mouthpiece Jay Carney:

“We regret the misstatement, but that is what it was. He (O) was referring to Nazi death camps in Poland.” 

Memo to Carney: A “misstatement” is just the sort of thing for which one apologizes, jackass. Particularly when that misstatement offends million of citizens of a country that will be forever scarred by the atrocities committed against its people. The fact that your boss’s thin skin is more important to him than offering a genuine, personal apology – for an honest mistake – to the people of Poland is reprehensible, given the history. Shame on him – and you, for your smug response.

WAIT, WHAT? BILL CLINTON PRAISES ROMNEY’S CAREER WITH BAIN CAPITAL. It wasn’t bad enough for the O-man that his disingenuous attack ad against Mitt Romney’s career with Bain Capital crashed and burned with Republicans and Democrats alike. Now – the big kahuna of the Democratic Party – William Jefferson Clinton – has not only condemned the ad – he has done so in no uncertain terms:

“I don’t think that we ought to get into the position where we say ‘This is bad work. This is good work.’ The man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.”

Clinton also said – specifically – that Romney’s time at Bain Capital represented a “good business career.”

Regardless of their ocassional pretend displays of mutual respect, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama can’t stand each other. Clinton hates Obama for stealing the 2008 nomination from Hillary – with help from the fawning lapdogs of the Obama Media Group. And while Obama resents Clinton for “playing the race card” during the 2008 campaign, he hates Clinton for being Clinton; the thin-skinned O-man is envious of larger-than-life Bill’s continued popularity within the Democratic Party.

Makes for great entertainment though, doesn’t it?

O-MAN: ‘SHADOWY CONSERVATIVE GROUPS’ ARE OUT TO GET ME! The O-man is beginning to sound more and more like Captain Queeg from The Caine Mutiny and less and less like the leader of the free world. (Although, come to think of it, he never sounded like the leader of the free world.) This one pretty much speaks for itself:

“Shadowy” conservative groups, O? Really? What – like George Soros and the Tides Foundation? Oops – sorry, O – Tides is a “charitable organization,” isn’t it?

CRAZY HAG PELOSI IN A TIZZY OVER “HYPOCRITICAL” ROMNEY AND GOP CRITICIZING SOLYNDRA. The jackass of jackasses – Nancy Pelosi – has her Depends in a knot over Republican criticism of the O-man for flushing nearly $600 million in taxpayer funds down the toilet as a result of his role in the government-backed loan for now bankrupt Solyndra. (Whose major backer was a major Obama campaign bundler, by the way.)

Pelosi claims the Republican attacks on Solyndra are at odds with the GOP’s defense of Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, a private-equity firm that took over companies and sometimes shut them down.

“Republicans are the ones who say they’re risk takers. Now, all of a sudden, they’re saying, ‘Don’t take risks.’”  

Memo to San Francisco’s finest: NOT with taxpayer money, you moron. Bain Capital made – and lost – Bain Capital’s money. Is it time for the home, Nancy?

Incidentally, the arrogant bastard O-man says he has “no regrets” for giving the government-backed loan to Solyndra. (Translation: “Screw the taxpayers; I’m never wrong.”)

PROMINENT O-BACKER QUITS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It’ll be priceless to watch the Regime try to spin this one: Former Alabama Democratic Rep. Artur Davis is switching sides, (Loons: don’t confuse “switching sides” with “evolving” into a supporter of gay marriage.), and abandoning his former ally – the O-man – to become a Republican.

Reason? Davis says that the country has “gone backward” since O took office.

The former House member made the announcement as part of the run-up to a possible congressional comeback in Virginia, though he says he has not yet made up his mind whether he’ll challenge Democratic incumbent Rep. Gerry Connolly.

Brother better be sleeping with one eye open, huh? Eric Holder may come a knockin’.

MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR SAYS ROMNEY WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT OF “CAUCASIA-STAN.” As if we didn’t already know that that Team O intends to play the race card against Mitt Romney – as often as possible – between now and November, MSNBC’s Karen Hunter stepped up to the plate this week just to make sure we get it.

Commenting on a Romney campaign spot, (which the bitter loon apparently remembered as looking more like the above image than the reality of the ad itself) Hunter wrongly charged that the ad contains white people only, (Several blacks appear throughout the ad.), and mockingly accused Mitt of saying, “This time, we’ll get it white.” (Mitt’s actual slogan is: “This time, we’ll get it right.”) Sneered Hunter:

“Maybe he’s not running for the presidency of the United States, maybe he’s running for the presidency of ‘Caucasia-stan’ or some place that doesn’t have anyone of color in it.”

Do these people honestly not realize how petty and ridiculous they look? Apparently not – which is awesome; it just makes for better theater. Of course, if the Rat didn’t possess the restraint you’ve come to know and love, I’d say that the O-man wants to be president of The Socialist States of America, or better yet – Obamastan. But, that would only lower me to MSNBC’s level, wouldn’t it?

HOLDER TO BLACK PREACHERS: ‘SACRED’ RIGHT TO VOTE UNDER ATTACK. This one’s a follow-up to this week’s post about the Regime’s efforts to get out the black vote – and it looks like Eric Holder isn’t wasting any time. Our corrupt Attorney General told a council of African American church leaders Wednesday that the “sacred” right to vote is under assault nationwide, with federal lawsuits and at least a dozen state laws that could weaken -or block – “minority access” to the ballot box this fall.

Nothing like black code words, huh? Especially when blacks use them to rally blacks:

“Forty-seven years after President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, overt and subtle forms of discrimination still exist. The twin factors of lingering bias and systematic assaults from the right mean that for the first time in our lifetimes, we are failing to live up to one of our most noble ideals – the right to equal access to the vote.”

Is is it still patronization and exploitation when you patronize and exploit your own people?

The disingenuous Holder also rejected the conservative contention that making it easier to vote invites fraud – a key argument in calling for tougher voter ID laws.

PETA COMPARES COOKING FISH TO RAPE, BULLYING AND DOMESTIC ABUSE. The loons at PETA may have outdone themselves with this one – which is a damn tall order. Yep, I think they’ve done it: According to the ridiculous animal rights group, cooking fish is just like bullying, rape and domestic abuse.

The group has released a new ad campaign targeting Fox, Gordon Ramsay, and Hell’s Kitchen – demanding that Fox air its latest propaganda piece featuring “groundbreaking new fish empathy.” When you’ve stopped laughing, please continue reading. Here’s PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Langetold:

“It may be easier to identify with our favorite ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ contestants than with the fish they fillet and sauté, but fish feel pain and fear, and they suffer enormously when they are impaled, crushed, suffocated, or cut open and gutted, – all while they’re fully conscious.  

PETA’s ‘Silent Scream’ video tells viewers that it’s never right to hurt others simply because they are weaker than we are and can’t speak up for themselves – regardless of what species they happen to be.

Contestants on Hell’s Kitchen choose to subject themselves to bullying in the kitchen, but the animals who are cut up and cooked on the show don’t have any choice – and they lose their lives, not just their pride. Airing Silent Scream during the show would remind viewers that might doesn’t make right and that it’s never acceptable to intimidate, exploit, or hurt others – regardless of which species they happen to be a member of.”

Memo to Ms. Lisa: Unborn children “don’t have any choice” as they “lose their lives” by abortion either, do they? Oh, and I’m pretty sure they “feel pain and fear” when their skulls are crushed with forceps and their bodies are dismembered, aren’t you? Of course, they’re only human – they surely don’t suffer as much as fish – or whales, do they?

CNN HITS 20-YEAR MONTHLY RATINGS LOW. Damn, it just keeps getting worse and worse for America’s “network of record,” doesn’t it? Yep, CNN – the “gold standard” of cable news – is pretty much down to being watched by employees and their relatives.

Just a day after Donald Trump criticized the network’s low ratings during a throw-down with O-man lapdog Wolf Blitzer, CNN registered its worst monthly primetime ratings in more than 20 years.

An average of 389,000 viewers watched CNN primetime between April 30 and May 27, a 51 percent drop from May 2011. By comparison, Fox News averaged 1,692,000 during the same time period.

Other than the Regime’s state-run media outlet – MSNBC – it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of sock puppets.

LIBERALS  SUPPORT SEX-SELECTIVE ABORTION. DOES THE O-MAN?  How the hell can a woman – particularly a liberal woman – this side of China – support sex-selective abortion? While the Regime has failed spectacularly in its effort to whip up hysteria about the so-called war on women being staged by Republicans, can there be a more definitive war on women than legally allowing the abortion of an unborn child simply because it is female? (Sorry, loons; baby boys are preferred to baby girls by a substantial margin.)

Yesterday, the House defeated a bill that would have banned sex-selection abortions in the United States, pitting Republicans and Democrats against each other in a showdown that liberals contended was “intended to chip away at a woman’s right to obtain safe, legal medical care.” Really? I see it as “chipping away” at the number of baby girls born in America.

Gendercide, the practice of killing baby girls or terminating pregnancies solely because the fetus is female, is estimated to have produced a gender imbalance – with 100 million more boys than girls around the world. Many nations with staunchly pro-abortion rights laws nevertheless ban sex-selection abortions. Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands all have laws banning them.

But America’s liberals? Hell no.

Moreover – and this should come as a shock to no one – the O-man opposes legislation against sex-selective abortion as well. However, as is the case with all liberal political lies, he wraps his opposition in the disingenuous argument that outlawing  gendercide would be an attack on a woman’s right to “choose.” (As in choosing to murder her unborn child.)

Of course, the Democrats were supported by O’s state-run media mouthpiece, MSNBC, who referred to gendercide yesterday as a “constitutional right.” (As in the “right” of an unborn child to be murdered for the crime of being the wrong sex.) A shameful day for America.

NUTJOB LOUIE FARRAKHAN: ALLAH WILL BRING DOWN AMERICA’S SKYSCRAPERS. Just when you think Loony Louie can’t get any loonier – or more hateful and racist – he trots out and says something really stupid. I’m not sure what set him off the most this time – the “fact” that our cracker forefathers stole most of America from Mexico through “trickery,” or whatever we’ve done to piss off Muhammad again. Here are a few of Louie’s greatest hits from this week:

“Brothers and sisters, it’s sad that Mexico lost California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado – all of this was once Mexico. And through trickery, a war was started. You see, this is a people that make war and blame the person they makin’ war on and then take your land.”

A racist, white supremist must be going crazy, you know, because for the first time, Hispanic, black and Asian babies outnumbered white babies. An ominous sign for the future. Now listen now, in the next 30 or 40 years, white people will be the minority in their own country that they took from the native people.”

“So I’m warning you, America, if you bomb Iran, I’m looking at San Diego, I’m looking at your beautiful cities; the God that I represent is going to take out some of your cities with earthquakes.” 

“I am warning you: Take it or let it alone. He will take down cities and when I look at the skyscrapers in some of these major metropolis. [sic]  He’s not going to take the big ones down first. He’s going to show you his power. In the meantime, one calamity after another until you submit, America.”

As Bugs Bunny – one of Louie’s fellow denizens of Planet Looney Tunes said of Yosemite Sam – what a cartoon.

PASTOR ENDORSES O-MAN’S SUPPORT OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: LOSES TWO THIRDS OF CONGREGATION. Remember that thing about the black community not being overly fond of same-sex marriage? Apparently, it’s true.

The reverend of a St. Paul, MN church says he needs to raise $200,000 to pay off a loan after most of his followers left due to his support for gay marriage. (Translation: his support for Barack Obama’s support for gay marriage.)

Reverend Oliver White says two-thirds of his followers have left his church since he “evolved” into a supporter of same-sex marriage, which he deems a “civil rights issue.”

The reverend says he and remaining church members are praying for a “miracle donation,” but that even if they lose their church, they will find another place to worship. Perhaps a phone booth will do.

OBAMA SAYS HE KNOWS MORE ABOUT JUDAISM THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT. This one’s right out of the “I’ll Say Anything to Suck up to the Jews Before the Election” department.  The O-man is now saying that he probably knows more about Judaism than any other president in history. Because he’s read about it.

In fact, because he knows so much about Judaism, the O-man wonders why no one asks Speaker of the House John Boehner or Senate minority leader Mitch McConnel about their support of Israel. (Um, perhaps because they don’t throw Bibi and Israel under the bus every chance they get, O?)

Bill Kristol, founder of The Weekly Standard, criticized the O-man’s claim at a meeting with Conservative rabbis, saying that “the reason no one asks John Boehner or Mitch McConnell about their support for Israel is because they really do support Israel.”

Kristol also called the O-man “truly pathetic” for mentioning his “Jewish friends” in Chicago as part of a ridiculous attempt to demonstrate his “pro-Israel” credentials. The Weekly Standard editor-in-chief also ripped at O’s claim he “knows more about Judaism than any other president.”

“His vanity boggles the mind,” Kristol said, adding: “One could begin by citing Adams and Madison, who knew Hebrew, or Harry Truman, who knew Jewish history.”

Memo to Bill: But the O-man knows everything, Bill – better than anybody. Just ask him; he’ll gladly tell you.

So there you have it, America – the wacky world of Planet Looney Tunes. Truth be told, I’d be mightily disappointed if liberals didn’t behave the way they do.

What the hell else would I write about?  


Still can’t over goofy PETA and the fish thing.


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