Bubba’s Out Of Control – And Lovin’ Every Minute Of It


Bubba Clinton is out of control. And he’s driving the O-man crazy as a result. Yep, our erstwhile 42nd president has been in rare form lately – even by Bubba standards. First, details of a heated debate at Clinton’s Chappaqua home during which he implored Hillary to resign as Secretary of State and challenge Obama for the 2012 nomination came out in a new book.

Next, he dressed down the Regime for running its ill-fated attack ad against Mitt Romney’s career with Bain Capital. And now? Bubba’s telling all who will listen that the country is in a recession. And – to make matters worse for the O-man – he’s also recommending an across-the-board extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. What’s next, Bubba, a “Vote for Mitt” sign in your front yard?

Poor O; he’s gotta be wondering, “With friends like Bubba – who needs enemies?

Clinton, of course, is not only not out of control – he knows exactly what he’s doing. Can you spell p-a-y-b-a-c-k t-i-m-e? Bill and Hill have not forgotten the 2008 election – when the brash usurper from Chicago pushed his way to the front of the pack – and stole the nomination from its rightful heir – Hillary.

I suspect as well that Bubba can’t stand the  arrogance of the community organizer any more than the rest of us can. That the community organizer would assume the throne instead of its rightful heir-apparent was just too much for Bubba to swallow. Here he is on his opposition to the Regime’s attack on Romney and Bain:

“I think he had a good business career. A man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.”

Clinton continued his dismantling of O during a joint fundraiser in New York this week; Bubba just couldn’t resist the temptation to twist the knife in a little deeper – by reminding everyone within shouting distance of the difference between his presidency and that of the O-man:

“And, I care about the long term debt of the country a lot. Remember me;  I’m the only guy that gave you four surplus budgets out of the eight I sent.”

Ouch. What the hell, Bubba? Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris thinks he knows the answer:

“Bill Clinton does not want Barack Obama to win. I’ve spoken to several good friends who are staunch conservatives who have had exchanges with Bill Clinton in private, and at one point one of them quotes him as saying, ‘You have six months to save the country.’

When it comes to a little jab here or a little jab there, you can count on Clinton to do it. And this wasn’t such a little jab. This was throwing Obama under the bus. Obama’s whole campaign is based on the idea that Romney is not a venture capitalist but a vulture capitalist. And here he comes out and says he had a sterling business career and crosses the threshold for qualification to be president, the exact opposite of what his candidate is saying.”

The beauty of the whole soap opera is this: William Jefferson Clinton wants to make sure that Barack Hussein Obama never forgets that were it not for the Constitution, Bubba could have O’s job in a heartbeat. Bubba knows it; O knows it; and Bubba knows O knows it. That has to irritate the living hell out of the thin-skinned community organizer. At least I hope so.

Bubba Clinton may be a hypocritical self-aggrandizing womanizer, but when he gets crossways with the current Narcissist-in-Chief, it just doesn’t get any better. Furthermore, Hillary always ends up in the middle. Priceless.


Bill and Hill – O and Mooch. Can’t envision them going camping together.

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  1. Hate to say it but, I’m beginning to like Bill.

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