How appropriate. When the Buck-Passer-in-Chief got to the “E’s” in his Rolodex Saturday and blamed Europe for the continuing U.S. economic woes, it didn’t sit too well with the new socialist government in Paris. The French – who share the O-man’s thin skin and an abhorrence for ever accepting responsibility for anything – have fired back. Here’s French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius:

“The crisis did not start in Europe. Lehman Brothers was not a European bank. We should not shift responsibility. We’re all in the same boat.”

C’mon, Laurent – lighten up; O knows “we’re all in the same boat” – he just thinks it’s your fault that he’s in the boat with you!

The O-man took a quick timeout from fundraising Saturday to say that Europe’s economic woes were causing trouble for America’s economy. (He also made the same charge against the Republican controlled House for the umpteenth time, but what’s new?)

“The crisis in Europe’s economy has cast a shadow on our own. And all of this makes it even more challenging to fully recover and lay the foundation for an economy that’s built to last.” 

Incidentally, O, that whole “built to last” thing sounds ridiculous. I know you’re playing to the least common denominator among your groupies, but “built to last”? Seriously – go back to the drawing board and come with something a little more “hopey – changey” sounding.

Fabius – in classic Obamanesque form – passed the buck back to the O-man, claiming that Europe’s debt crisis originated in the United States. Uh – your serve, O.

I wonder when France will get around to blaming John Boehner and the House Republicans too? 


The French and the O-man – in a socialist cat fight – too funny.

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  1. Blame Europe while his ‘built to last’ economy is based on the European model? Talk about a circular argument, sheesh!

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