There’s an old axiom in sports that exists in the minds of many an avid fan: Sometimes, it’s more enjoyable to see your opponents lose than it is to see your team win. This is one of those times. From the jackass Schultz twins – MSNBC loon Ed and DNC hag Debbie Wasserman, to Rachel Maddow and Tingles Matthews – with a truly special performance by Al Sharpton – it just doesn’t get any better than watching liberal lapdogs smugly predict the demise of Governor Scott Walker – only to be highlighted as the magnificent partisan fools they are – courtesy of the good people of Wisconsin. In a traditionally liberal state, mind you.

Yes, America; tune in to your favorite state-run media outlet soon – CNN or MSNBC will do the trick – and watch these ass clowns as they now twist in the wind – trying as hard as they can to make lemonade out of the lemon – in their eyes – that was Scott Walker’s resounding rebuff of the union-led recall vote in Wisconsin Tuesday.

In the spirit of the old axiom, take a gander at the above video – courtesy of the Republican Governors Association. And by the way – the victory that Scott Walker “squeaked out”? You know – the way he “barely survived” the recall vote? Not so much. Check out the results – county-by-county:

As one would fully expect, the Obama sock puppets have now gone into full damage-control mode – spinning themselves dizzy. It’s truly a magnificent sight to behold. Oh, and loons? Governor Walker won by a greater margin Tuesday than he achieved during the 2010 election. As Geena Davis said in the old sci-fi flick, The Fly:

“Be afraid… be very afraid” my liberal friends. You can spin Wisconsin any way you want – including calling it a victory for the O-man – but November’s coming; O and his union pals have a lot to fear. Mark my words.


Seeing Scott Walker win? Fantastic. Seeing Ed Schultz cry? Priceless.

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