Somalian Bounty Offer: 10 Camels For O; 20 Chickens For Hillary


Senior Shabaab Commander Fuad Mohamed Khalaf has responded to the Regime’s new $33 million bounty offer for information leading to the capture of top Shabaab leaders – including Khalaf. Khalaf’s statement has appeared on numerous Islamic websites:

 “Anyone who helps the Mujahideen find the whereabouts of Obama and Hillary Clinton will be rewarded with ten Camels for the information leading to Obama and ten hens and ten cocks for Hillary.” 

This is, of course, an outrageous insult. What the hell did those camels and chickens do to anyone?

The Shabaab leader’s mocking offer comes on the heels of a rough week for the O-man. And now – an offer of ten camels for information leading to his whereabouts. Obviously, Khalaf hasn’t looked for O at the Andrews Air Force Base golf course.

If you don’t find him on the golf course, he’s probably at a fundraiser – check out for details.


And Khalaf? Sell the camels and buy a bunch of lottery tickets for O’s next celebrity mixer; maybe you’ll win dinner with O – and a big Hollywood star or two to boot!

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  1. Perhaps someone should contact the Mogadishu chapter of PETA.


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