The Pentagon Is Officially Celebrating Gay Pride Month Why?


Maybe it will be easier for my liberals friends to understand the gist of this post if I spell it out – right up front. Reason being, the point of yesterday’s post – “Liberals: Of Course We Won’t Vote For A (Republican) Mormon!” – was completely missed by at least one fanatical atheist over at ConClub, who accused me of everything from launching into a racist rant to calling Barack Obama a Muslim. I neither called O a Muslim, nor do I believe him to be one; the simple basis of the article was the bias and hypocrisy of the Obama Media Group as it relates to Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. (I ignored the ridiculous “racist rant” charge.)

Anywho, the gist of this post is not an attack on gays; nor is it an attack on gays in the military. It is commentary on what now amounts to preferential treatment  – and just how far the military has come since The First Gay President sashayed into D.C.

In a video message to the troops today, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says that with the repeal last year of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law that prohibited gays from serving openly in the military, gays and lesbians can now be proud to be in uniform. Um, why is it necessary – a year later – to remind homosexuals that they can “now” be proud to serve their country in uniform? Wouldn’t one assume that – since the military is voluntary – gays, lesbians, heterosexuals and people with red hair who enlist in the Armed Services do so out of a sense of duty and pride in their country? (Or – maybe he meant “proud” in the way Mishy meant it when she said she was “finally” proud of America – only after the O-man’s inauguration.)

Panetta also says he’s committed to “removing as many barriers as possible to making the military a model of equal opportunity.” If the military now openly accepts gays – what exactly stands in their way of an “equal opportunity”?

Here’s a hunch – before long – much like good ol’ affirmative action – there will be a push to populate the ranks of officers at all levels with gays. Mark my words. Good to know that our Secretary of Defense has his priorities straight.

To kick off the celebration of gays in the military, Panetta’s Pentagon will officially celebrate the military’s homosexuals by recognizing June as Gay Pride Month. Not just Gay Pride Day – or Gay Pride Week – mind you; the Armed Forces of the United States of America will officially celebrate Gay Pride Month.

Pentagon officials said today that the Defense Department will soon hold its first-ever event to recognize gay and lesbian troops. Details are still being worked out, but officials say Panetta wants to honor the contributions of gay service members. “Now that we’ve repealed `Don’t ask, don’t tell,’ he feels it’s important to find a way this month to recognize the service and professionalism of gay and lesbian troops,” said Navy Capt. John Kirby. Damn – I missed the event honoring heterosexual troops – and the event honoring people with red hair, too.

As is usually the case, I’m sure I’ll be called a bigot – or a gay-basher – by a loon or two before the day’s over, but here’s the deal:

Minorities – by and large – claim they want nothing more than “just to be treated like everyone else.” Seems to me, then; why would they want a month of events and special recognition – for the express purpose of telling them just how much like everyone else they are? As if – because they’re not just like everyone else – when they do what everyone else does – it’s worthy of special recognition. Worthy of a month of celebration and events which serve as nothing more than platforms designed to emphasize their non-everyone-elsesness? 

Life on Planet Looney Tunes; I’ll never fully understand the liberal mindset. Maybe that’s a good thing.


Special recognition in the military- based on sexual orientation. What’s next – a medal?

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