I’m not surprised that the O-man played the amnesty card. I’m just surprised that he played it so early. While I figured a desperate O would throw the Hail Mary pass late in the campaign – the proverbial October Surprise – he threw it today, which speaks to the panic that has set in among the formerly-smug members of Team O, and to the realization that his recycled political speech in Cleveland yesterday was a complete train wreck – which was promptly panned by O sycophants like Jonathon Alder and Bob Beckel. Time to control the news cycle, America.

So there you have it, a desperate president once again circumvents the U.S. Congress – this time deciding to unilaterally rewrite the nation’s immigration laws – after repeatedly having said that as much as he’s wanted to do so in the past, he could not. His stated reason? He had to “enforce the law.” That was then; this is now. These are desperate times on Planet Obama; every group possible must be placated and exploited; there is precious little time to waste.

Per the Regime’s announcement today, it will not only stop deporting young illegals – it will begin granting then work permits as well. Finally; a true jobs plan from the O-man:

The Barack Obama Aid for Illegal Aliens So They Can Compete With American Citizens For Scarce Jobs Act:

Thanks for playing, American high school and college kids; better luck during the next administration. Oh, and working-class Americans? Your president has just added millions of new job hunters to an already decimated jobs market; perhaps you ought to send along a little “thank you” in November.

In typical Regime double-speak, Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told us this morning that O’s circumvention of Congress – and granting of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens wasn’t really amnesty – or immunity from prosecution – at all. Nope – in the words of the Regime; it’s merely a “deferred action process.” She said that with a straight face, by the way. As if that line wasn’t ridiculous enough, Napolitano added this:

Our nation’s immigration laws must be enforced in a firm and sensible manner. But they are not designed to be blindly enforced without consideration given to the individual circumstances of each case. “

Really? So, by the Regime’s standards, the “firm and sensible” enforcement of existing federal immigration law roughly means “selective disregard for that law – particularly when it relates to trying to shore up O’s support among Hispanics.” The only “individual circumstance” the Regime in concerned with here is that of reelecting a failing president.

Think about it, America; with the economy in a mess and the job market in the toilet, 23 million Americans either out 0f work or underemployed – and jobs being the most important campaign issue as defined by voters, why would a desperate candidate for reelection further exacerbate that job market by giving not only blanket amnesty to millions of illegals – but job permits as well?  I got nothin’.

Actually, I got this: Mr. Wonderful still believes that Kool-Aid-drinking Obamabots who voted for him in 2008 will show up at the trough again in November – and that by pandering to Hispanics, he can maximize the vote with them as well. My hope, of course, is that reasonable Hispanics across the country will see today’s act of desperation by the O-man for exactly what it was; a pathetic attempt to placate – and exploit – them. Wise up, Latinos; you’re being played. Just like everyone else.

The really scary part is – what’s the O-man gonna pull in October – when he’s even further behind in the polls?


I can see it now; O sittin’ on the couch late this fall – watchin’ the flat screen. As Ahmadinejad says something particularly belligerent and defiant, O’s trigger finger grows itchy. If I were Little Hitler, I’d get the hell out of Tehran in October. 

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