Just In Case You Missed O’s Coy-And-Paste Speech


Rumor said that key Democrats were worried about O’s incessant attacks on small businesses and the wealthy – that they simply weren’t working. We heard that Democratic strategists – James Carville included – had outlined a new strategy to replace O’s ineffectual class-warfare mantra. We were told that his speech in Cleveland Wednesday would “reframe the debate” and be a “turning point” in his foundering reelection campaign.

Guess what? The rumors were wrong. We were told wrong.

O was O. O is always O. All he did in Cleveland was drag out the same old tired campaign lines – most of them verbatim – as he once again blamed everyone and everything – except himself and his failed policies – for the current state of economic and unemployment woes. Even worse – this rerun ran almost an hour.

The O-man may be a good (vs. “great”; his pattern of speech has become both predictable and boring.) orator – especially when it comes to reading from a teleprompter while making it look as if he’s actually thinking through the things he’s mouthing as he mouths them; but the facade is gone – the truth has been laid bare for all to see. This pretender to the throne is just that – a pretender; nothing less, nothing more. In a strange way, it’s kind of sad – the same kind of sad I felt when I saw the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain the first time.

Incidentally, did anyone notice that Mitt Romney spoke without the aid of a teleprompter Wednesday? 


What’s next, O – a reenactment of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech – from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial?

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