Think about it. Whenever the Left fails – it loses an election, it (or its policies) suck in the polls or a proposed bill is defeated in Congress – there is always a “logical” explanation in the mind of the liberal. “Liberal logic,” of course, completely excludes the possibility that any failure is the fault of liberalism itself; there is always a “rational” answer: the “message” wasn’t clearly communicated, Americans are too simple-minded to grasp the complexities of liberal ideology and its polices, the Republicans were bankrolled by the Koch brothers, etc. Yep, folks, liberal logic is synonymous with “advanced rationalization,” which in turn is synonymous with “delusional denial.”

It is apparently physiologically impossible for you liberals to under that – guess what? – we get your message – loud and clear! Moreover, an increasing number of Americans reject your message. They reject the immoral strategy of pitting one group of Americans against another; they reject a government takeover of the healthcare system – and they reject your president’s attempt to circumvent Congress and the U.S. Constitution and rule by edict.

The Washington Post has another “logical explanation” for the failure of Barack Hussein Obama; America has just become too darn complex for any one person (um – any one Barack Obama) to effectively govern anymore. Yep, the job’s just too damn big. Here’s WaPo – as it desperately rushes to rationalize the spectacular failure of the O-man:

Consider this: We are in the midst of more than a decade-long streak of pessimism about the state of the country, partisanship is at all-time highs and the media have splintered – Twitter, blogs, Facebook and so on and so forth – in a thousand directions all at once.

Add those three major factors up and what becomes clear is that any president elected (or reelected) this November has slim hopes – or at the most a very narrow window – for political success.

“Due to the evolution of our politics and media, we may never see a two-term president again,” said Mark McKinnon, a senior strategist for President George W. Bush’s 2000 and 2004 campaigns. (Hysterical that they managed to find a Republican to quote, huh?)

Added Democratic strategist Chris Lehane: “In an era of high-definition politics, where every flaw is exposed; in a time where we live in Marshall McLuhan’s global community on speed; in an age where every leaf that falls is covered in some form or fashion, it is supremely challenging to effectively govern.”

What a crock of crap. They are coming unglued, America; Democrats and their Obama Media Group sock puppets are in full-panic mode; they must find anything and everything they can to explain and justify the utter failure of the Obama Regime. Knowing that polls have consistently begun to show that O’s attacks on Congress have failed, WaPo has ingeniously – it thinks – chosen instead to attack the times. Yep, were living in “times” that are just too doggone complex and “layered”  for any one person to effectively govern.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, WaPo laments:

So, what’s a president to do – since throwing up your hands and walking away is, well, not an option? According to a handful of smart Democratic and Republican strategists to whom we put that very question, the only answer – at least at the moment – is to wait and see what the November election brings.

Trust us, WaPo – we are waiting – and we’re anxious to see what the November election brings as well. We are also anxious to see the devastating socialist experiment of the last 3 1/2 years come to an end and join communism, as Ronald Reagan said, on the ash heap of history.

What additional damage will this failed socialist do to American between now and January 20, 2013?


Beware the wounded, cornered animal.

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