The waiting is over. By as early as today –  or Thursday at the latest – the fate of O’s crowning “achievement” will be sealed. And most likely, so will the fate of the worst presidency since Jimmy Carter. On second thought, let’s make that Herbert Hoover.

As disastrous of a year as this has been for Obamapalooza, a rejection of ObamaCare by the Supreme Court would not only be a life-threatening blow to the future of the Regime; it would also call into question why O obsessed over a constitutionally-flawed healthcare overhaul during the first year of his presidency – vs. putting genuine effort (“genuine effort” not to be confused with the failed “stimulus”) into alleviating the nation’s economic and jobs mess – which he had pledged to do as a candidate. Make no mistake, folks; it’s all on the line for the O-man this week. 

With the decision on the constitutionality – or the lack thereof –  of ObamaCare being the monster story of the week, somewhat lost in the shuffle is the real possibility that O’s lawsuit against Arizona – who is attempting to enforce immigration laws that the Regime refuses to enforce – may be smacked down by SCOTUS as well. 

In each case, the justices must make a clear choice: either to endorse the O-man’s overreaching policies – the mandate that Americans must purchase health insurance, and that Arizona, as a state, has no right to enforce its own immigration laws – or to strike them down as unconstitutional. The Regime’s future lies in the balance. More importantly, so does that of America.

Let’s hope that O’s string of bad luck continues. 


The fact that the O-man and Eric “My People” Holder saw this whole thing playing out differently makes everything all that much more fun, doesn’t it?

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  1. Patience. Let’s wait and see and then comment.
    Both Carter and Hoover were good men who only served one term. Carter had no national experience, but had been governor of Georgia. Hoover had plenty of experience in Washington, but the presidency was his first elective office.
    Trust me, the choice between worst presidents is between Buchanan and GW Bush. I have not finished reading my biography of Buchanan, so I’ve not yet decided.

    • Doesn’t appear to me that the community organizer’s brief experience as a senator did him much good in terms of effective governance, did it?

      Will you people ever get over your “W” snit?

      • History does not go away. It ain’t a W snit. Bush did incalculable damage.

        • First Supreme Court justice said paraphrasing…”The law is what we say it is.” Something the present ones in charge of enforcing seem to have missed. Then others have said again paraphrasing…”History is what those who lived to write it say it is.” Hopefully the present one will join Carter in just one term to do his incalculable damage, which was calculated all along and planned for decades. History may not go away, you just probably never knew the…the rest of the story.

          • You are right on, decoop.

            Many people have told me, “If I only knew then what I know now I would never have voted for Obama.”

            This proves, of course, that they weren’t paying attention; the community organizer told us exactly what he planned to do; he just left out the part about doing it all by royal decree.

        • Through the looking glass, huh, Walt?

          In the humble opinion of this hopeless conservative, the incalculable damage has been done over the last 3 1/2 years; through the obscene increase in the national debt, the polarization of a nation and the arrogance of a small man who chooses to circumvent the Congress and ignore the Constitution and govern by edict – because he lacks the ability to govern as a real executive.

          As much as O loathes Bill Clinton – perhaps he could have learned a thing or two from bubba – were he not so thin-skinned and envious.

          • History…Dad passed at 88, would be 103 today if still here. No mention in history books, but maybe the Bible…”salt of the earth.” One of many who made USA (made in USA) great. Of course his wife too, Mom!
            P.S. signing on got confusing…decoop and the Unit are one and same!

  2. That WAS confusing, unit. Hopefully, you don’t have multiple personalities as well. ;-)

    Same goes for my dad; no mention in the history books, but he was one of the Greatest Generation, as they’ve come to be called. Fortunately, I wrote about his contribution to the country he so loved; at least his great-grandchildren may know of him someday as a result. Can’t imagine what he would think about the sorry state of affairs today.

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