Predictably, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) got its hypocritical panties in a bunch when it learned that the U.S. Navy was using a target depicting a gun-wielding Muslim woman at its new SEAL training range in Virginia Beach. No word on whether CAIR would have been perfectly content had the woman been strapped with a suicide  bomb – which, of course, would have been a more accurate depiction of reality.

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Washington-based council, said in a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that the target “is offensive and sends a negative and counterproductive message to trainees and to the Muslim-majority nations to which they may be deployed.”

Dutifully, the Pentagon announced within hours of receiving CAIR’s “That’s not fair!” letter that the Navy will no longer be utilizing the target. Do you ‘spose Muslims have one of those Staples “That Was Easy!” buttons they hit every time they whine to the Obama Regime and immediately get their way?

One can only imagine training ranges for Islamic suicide bombers: fruit market mock-ups populated with cardboard cut-outs of women and children, simulated churches full of cardboard cut-out Christians or perhaps even cutouts of U.S. military personnel (rear view, of course), which Muslim-extremist trainees approach from behind and shoot in their cardboard heads.

Then of course, there’s the beheading training facility. Only dull knives, please.


These people have to be laughing their asses off behind closed doors.

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14 replies

  1. This PC crap is going to kill us yet.

  2. Absolutely, nee. This story is particularly disturbing for one simple reason: The Islamofacists do in fact utilize women. It can also be argued that U.S. military must be trained to spot an enemy who would typically be foreign to our way of thinking – i.e. women – in civilian clothing, no less.

    So what we have, in essence, is the Regime saying: “It’s more important NOT to offend Muslims than it is to protect our troops from gun-wielding and bomb-strapped women.

  3. Problem?…no vail. And who told them…Panetta? Don’t have source…but read somewhere at the Vietnam Memorial last month where families and vets came, and where the whatever he is spoke, POTUS. The port-a-potties had Jane Fonda’s pic on them. Should have been in bowl itself.

    • That’s the best suggestion I’ve heard from you in awhile, unit! Excellent. (Next to O’s picture, right?)

      • Yep…they really are the joint personalities along with most of the Hollywood spectacle. History should smudge them together. To be recorded in Port-A-Potty history. Glad I’ve redeemed myself. Will try to hold muhself high.

  4. Anyway Rat…sorry for confusion…never meant it to be. Think I said before that I couldn’t sign on one time and WordPress required another registry. Then somehow I found myself with two user names, able to answer myself. All tongue in cheek fun always. And my own cheek within my own mouth! Figured a little humor a good thing, it was for me. But I’ll resist temptation from now on to prevent confusion. My doing it without even knowing makes me wonder about
    internet privacy concerns. But I figure what Bill Cooper said is so…they already know who we are !!!

    • Hey, unit; I know you did it all in fun; no biggie – actually a bit humorous. Besides, you were honest about it all along. I appreciate the fact that you read The Rat on a regular basis, and more so – that you add to the conversation. Please keep doing so. Besides, I enjoy your takes.

  5. About Navy and orders about target objection from CAIR…I lak ole saying… “If its broke…fix it.” Put up CAIR live targets.

  6. I was thinking like at the county fair carnival scene…those ducks moving across the board at the shooting booth. CAIR members along with Panetta…the leaker, and administration others, all the way to the top duck. Plink, Plink, Plink (and more Plinks as necessary). Of course it’s like spit gum…no damage done or threatened . Just a wad on the target. Don’t let a target go to waste.

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