So, Who Exactly Will Pay The Uninsured Tax?


Now that the ex-constitutional ObamaCare law has been “legitimized” by Chief Justice John Roberts, it’s time to get down to the business of understanding just who is – and who isn’t – going to be paying the uninsured tax. Oops, sorry liberals, I meant to say “the uninsured penalty.”

Should you fail to purchase health insurance, beginning in 2014, you’ll have to pony up and pay the tax – er – “fine.”  As Joe Biden would say, this is a big f*cking deal, given that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that 21 million people in America will still be uninsured by 2016, when the tax will be fully phased in. However, the CBO also estimates that a large majority of the 21 million will not be subject to penalty.  How can that be, you ask?

Let’s begin by identifying those uninsured people who won’t be paying the tax. Yep, you’ll get a free pass if:

  • You’re in the U.S. illegally. (The gifts from the O-man just keep coming –  huh, amigos?)
  • You’re in prison. (This should provide an incentive for the Occupy movement to get busy again.)
  • You’re poor. (Measured Obama-style.)
  • You’re a member of an Indian tribe. (Perhaps the O-man will give you exclusive rights to own the state insurance exchanges.)
  • You’re in a period of being uninsured that’s less than three months long. (You’re probably screwed here, since you’ve most likely lost your group benefits due to being unemployed longer than than three months during the Regime’s reign.)
  • Your religion forbids getting health insurance. (Uh huh, just like your religion protects you from having to provide birth control and abortifacients in your group health plan if you’re a Christian religious institution. Although – maybe they’re referring to Muslims here.)
  • You get a waiver from HHS. (Your chances are outstanding if you’re a member of a labor union – or any other supporter of the Regime.)

Throw in the CBO’s estimate of the number of those who will be legally required to pay the tax but will not do so – tax cheats – and guess what? The number of those paying the tax is projected to be just 3.9 million. (Didn’t O tell us that one of the primary objectives of ObamaCare was to remove the freeloaders from the equation?)

Given that the  U.S. population in 2016 will be about 327 million, let’s do the math:

  • Almost 94 out of every 100 people will have health insurance in some form.
  • Five out of every 100 will be uninsured and pay no tax. (“Penalty,” to liberals.)
  • Only about one out of every 100 people will be uninsured and pay a tax to the government.

As luck would have it (for those of us who see ObamaCare for what it is), the CBO also estimated the income levels of those 3.9 million uninsured who will pay higher taxes.  And guess what? More than 75% of them are not “rich.” 

Yep, the CBO projects that 400,000 Americans living below the poverty line will still be uninsured – and will pay the tax. Moreover, 3 million, or 77% of those who are projected to pay the uninsured tax are also projected to be earning less than $120,000. How can this possibly be true on Planet Obama? The land of fairness and equal opportunity for all Americans? Hasn’t the O-man been lying telling us for more than five years that no one under $250,000 would ever see tax increases under the Regime? If you’re keeping score at home, there are at least 21 tax increases in ObamaCare alone, America.

Barack Obama has disingenuously saddled America with the greatest tax increase in the history of mankind. And the hell of it is, he’s betting that tens of millions of Obamabots will remain clueless – most of them, intentionally. Sadly, they won’t let him down.

If Mitt Romney doesn’t beat this drum – nonstop – between now and November, he deserves to lose the election. 


Besides, does it really matter if it’s a tax – or a penalty? A buck’s a buck.

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7 replies

  1. All the good points for or against pale compared to corporate welfare which makes the cost of the health program relatively insignificant in comparison. Stop the tax loopholes for megabanks and megacorps and many things could be funded to help common working people with no tax increase.

    • The best “thing” that can be done to “help common working people” is to instill within them initiative and independence, as Abraham Lincoln pointed out nearly 150 years ago.

  2. Man…I go away for a couple of days of work! Come back to more posted than I can catch up on easily. Carl and Rat both right…but to make a significant mark Carl’s thought would require all nation’s elite chip in (good luck, China, Russia, Syria, Iran, and how many other others…193? Not just U.S., otherwise just the U.N. plan.) Initiative and independence is the key…mind your own store or you will lose it. That’s bottom to top Lincoln advice.

  3. That’s why we need Ron Paul

    • Sorry, that whole “Why shouldn’t Iran have nuclear weapons? We have nuclear weapons.” thing signed, sealed and delivered Ron Paul to Planet Paul, population: 1. You think the world is laughing at the O-man? They would run all over a “President Paul.”

  4. We need to get rid of government and the lobbyists. All Lobbyists especially the insurance and medical and pharmaceuticals. The minute we do that – overthrow the government; we save ourselves all types of taxes. I’m not just talking about Federal = I’m talking State and City too – we as a country have to learn to care for ourselves we are too dependent on these crooks to care for us. They are just filling their pockets and coffers. Time for government to cease – everything must go – a huge American liquidation sale. I’ll rule myself and if I have to, I’ll lead the rest of you stupid tea party poopers right into the undertoe.

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