Bibi’s Fourth Of July Message To America


The Israeli Prime Minister and the President of the United States. One of them continues to demonstrate tremendous courage against all odds, graciousness and a sense of confidence rooted in integrity.

The other one is Barack Obama.

Bibi Netanyahu’s 4th of July message to America is bittersweet. This is a decent man who was not only educated in America; he has spent a tremendous amount of time here – and he knows the history of our country far better than do most of us. As a result, his words ring true. He seeks neither votes nor the money of special interests. He engages neither in hollow campaign rhetoric – regurgitated over and over from the screen of a teleprompter, nor does he seek to divide our nation.

Sadly, Bibi Netanyahu speaks of America with a sense of pride and gratitude unseen in our own president. For when Barack Obama speaks of America, it is for the purpose of reminding us of how unjust we are. What a shame on this 4th of July.

Thank you, Bibi.


Hey, Israel – how ’bout a trade? We’ll even throw in Biden and Pelosi. 

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