UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon: “Innovative financing.” Uh huh.

You knew it was coming, right? In an announcement that surely gave Barack Hussein Obama goosebumps, the hypocritical joke that calls itself the United Nations took time out from its full-time job of condemning Israel Thursday and called for a global tax on billionaires, which it says would redistribute an estimated $400 billion a year to poor countries. (I refuse to use the term “underdeveloped” to describe countries that haven’t figured out how to “develop” by the 21st century.)

In a report entitled “The World Economic and Social Survey” (I just love the names of UN reports.), the august body estimates there are 1,226 billionaires in the world – 425 of them in the United States – who own an estimated $4.6 trillion. In a brilliantly logical question that could only come from the United Nations (or the Obama Regime), the report asked:

“Together they own an estimated $4.6 trillion so a one percent tax on their wealth would raise more than $46 billion. Would this hurt them?” 

There – in a nutshell, America – lies the difference between socialism and freedom. “Would this hurt them?” Seriously? Who the hell is the high and mighty UN to decide whether or not stealing money from 1,226 people around the world – solely because they’re successful – would “hurt them” or not?

Incredibly, the report goes on to do the math in a pathetic effort to justify and put into perspective its obscene proposal:

“The ‘average’ billionaire would [still] own $3.7 billion after paying the tax. If that billionaire spent $1,000 per day, it would take him or her over 10,000 years to spend all his or her wealth.” 

Memo to UN: Guess what? It’s none of your damn business how much the average billionaire is worth – now, or after you steal from them. Moreover, it’s also none of your damn business if they have $10,000 – or $1 million – to spend per day for 100,000 years; IT’S THEIR MONEY, jackasses.

The report concluded that the wealth of billionaires grew at an average rate of four percent a year in the two decades prior the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and:

“If that rate of growth returned with no wealth tax, the average billionaire’s wealth would double in less than 18 years.”

Second memo to UN: See first memo.

In addition to the billionaires tax, the report also trotted out the same ol’ same ol’ wealth redistribution schemes: global taxation of carbon dioxide emissions, currency exchanges and financial transactions, and an international excise tax on airfare. And liberals can’t understand why conservatives want the U.S. to get the hell out of the “United” Nations.

While the UN appears to have a few people who know how to use financial calculators, it’s clearly lost focus doing what it does best: Ignoring the slaughter of Christians in Africa at the hands of Muslims – and condemning Israel. 


What a great job for the O-man come January: Special UN Ambassador for International Wealth Redistribution. Maybe he could even finally wear a Robin Hood costume. 

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11 replies

  1. heard they were considering impeachment for him over his Syria debacle, is no surprise he is wall street puppet. dancing for the masters …

  2. It’s a great idea. If Mexico would tax its billionaires and spend the money to help its poor, it would greatly reduce our problem with illegals. Then US companies would either automate the jobs now done by illegals or pay US citizens more to do them. By the way, the world’s richest man is a Mexican citizen, Carlos Slim.Helu.

    • An arbitrary 1% global tax on billionaires is a “great idea”? Damn, Walt – I knew you were a Democrat; I just didn’t figure you for a true socialist.

      P.S. You people do tend to come up with simple solutions though, don’t you? ;-)

      • Do you realize if you put a flush meter on a liberals toilet how little receipts it would bring in, due to real numbers. Now put a volume meter on each excrement…then we got revenue!

  3. “United” Nations??? Yeah. About the only thing they’re “united” for is AGAINST the United States! Can we really be expected to pay taxes to the UN? Wouldn’t that be “taxation without representation”?

    • Guy…we pay like 41% of U.N. costs, including N.Y. rent. And that’s just off top of my head which is nearly balding now after some years. We have been and will be taxed with misrepresentation.

  4. Lets see what that would mean in reality. Mr Bigshott is worth 100Bn because he owns 100 businesses each worth 1Bn.
    He pays his tax by transferring ownership of one company to the UN.
    The company is now managed by a committee of third world kleptocrats.
    Within a year that company is dead…
    Sounds like a winning idea that one!

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