**Re-post from September, 2011** The root cause of most, if not all, of the world’s problems can be summed up in one simple word: stuff. From toddlers in daycare to countries at war, it all boils down to someone trying to take someone else’s stuff – and “someone else” trying to stop “someone” from taking “someone else’s” stuff. When someone covets someone else’s stuff — and “someone else” refuses to voluntarily give his stuff to “someone,” “someone” has three options:

1. Give up on trying to take “someone else’s” stuff.

2. Take “someone else’s” stuff by force.

3. Ask a third party to take “someone else’s” stuff and give it to you (“someone”).

Of the options, only option three creates truly “free stuff.” Free stuff is the most complicated of all the stuff on earth; it creates problems not associated with stuff that is worked for, earned or paid for. Free stuff has no real, or intrinsic value – it has not been acquired through effort or sacrifice; therefore, an honest sense of accomplishment or self-satisfaction cannot be attached to it. Sooner or later, free stuff will be taken for granted, devalued or even discarded altogether.

Paradoxically, the less those who are given free stuff value or appreciate free stuff, the more free stuff they want – and worse, the more they expect. If the amount of free stuff provided by those who give free stuff does not meet or exceed the level to which the receivers of free stuff believe they are entitled, the free-stuff takers will begin to demand more free stuff. In their eyes, an ever-increasing amount of free stuff is their Constitutional right – to be provided by the givers of free stuff, because it is the Constitutional responsibility of the free-stuff givers to give their “fair share” of free stuff to the free-stuff takers. The free-stuff takers believe it is also the moral responsibility of the free-stuff givers to level the playing field –by giving enough free stuff to free-stuff takers so that ultimately, the free-stuff takers have the same amount of stuff as that of the free-stuff givers. 
Before we get into even more problems caused by free stuff – not only for the free-stuff givers, but for the free-stuff takers as well – a word about a special group of free-stuff takers we’ll call reluctant free-stuff takers is in order. Reluctant free-stuff takers are free-stuff takers who take free stuff reluctantly – through no choice of their own. They may be down on their luck temporarily or they may have life-long problems that require them to free stuff  – period. Reluctant free-stuff takers are loath to take any more free stuff than is absolutely necessary – out of a sense of pride and self-worth. They are embarrassed to be lumped in with “normal” free-stuff takers. To these reluctant free-stuff takers, we say: Take as much free stuff as is necessary to help you get back on your feet – so you can become free-stuff givers and join in the giving of free stuff to the free-stuff takers who are more than happy to take your free stuff!
Free stuff becomes troublesome when takers ask a third party to intervene on their behalf and take more stuff from the givers. As a result, the givers who are forced to give their stuff to the takers end up resenting the takers – usually because they are forced to give more and more of their stuff as time goes on. To complicate things further, if those in charge of taking stuff from the givers and giving it to the takers constantly badmouth and ridicule the givers to the takers, the takers end up resenting the takers – thus creating stuff-envy in the free-stuff takers and free-stuff resentment in free-stuff givers.
The more free stuff the third party takes from the givers and gives to the takers, the less the givers are able to pay not only for the free stuff they give to the takers, but for their own stuff as well. As a result, resentment builds, and the givers get angry and want to stop giving the stuff to takers. As a consequence, the third party (who has been forcing the givers to give free stuff to the takers) tells the free-stuff takers that the free-stuff givers are selfish people who don’t want to pay their fair share. This further angers both the givers of free stuff and the takers of free stuff- which again, only serves to make the takers of free stuff demand even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they’re already being given.
In a nutshell, the takers of free stuff have been convinced by the third party that they should resent the givers of free stuff because they’re heartless and selfish. As a result, the free-stuff takers come to believe that it is only through the efforts of the third party that they can get more free stuff from those who reluctantly give the stuff. Furthermore, they are brainwashed by the third party into believing that they must vote for the third party because the third party is the only party that will continue to force the free-stuff givers to keep giving more and more free stuff to the free-stuff takers. Without the third party, they come to believe, the free-stuff givers will selfishly keep as much of their own stuff as they possibly can.
As noted previously, when the free-stuff givers finally get fed up with the never-ending demands of the third party and the free-stuff takers – and attempts to cap or cut back on the amount of free stuff they give to the free-stuff takers, the free-stuff takers may riot, vandalize and steal even more stuff that isn’t theirs. After all, the third party has programmed the free-stuff takers into believing that the free-stuff givers are not giving their fair share of free stuff. As a consequence, the free-stuff takers become convinced that things will only be fair when both the free-stuff givers and the free-stuff takers have the same amount of stuff.
After all, this is America; equal opportunity means equal stuff, right?


Hopefully, this clears everything up – for both the free-stuff givers and the free-stuff takers. Oh, yeah – and for the third party, as well.

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  1. I read that all the gold that’s ever been mined…would fill 6 olympic swimming pools. What the looters took from my Mom’s place after Katrina wouldn’t add to much…just a gold bracelet with six charms of her grandchildren. Wonder how much of those six pools was accumulated through plunder, pillage and genocide?

    • How many swimming pools would it take to hold the hundreds of billions of dollars redistributed by the Regime?

      • What is it filled with now? Federal Reserve Notes? $ digits on bank computers? Sweat and sloughed skin cells? Dust returneth to dust? Anyway…its trillions of all that, spent and promised. Same plunder, pillage, and past and future genocide.

  2. Too much love associated with “stuff”… thought gold charm with grandchild’s name signified it. Love remained after looter took it. Not much love today from stuff getters and less from stuff providers…speaking for myself as stuff provider…me. And a little bit old , but still working…but winding down and probably down and out with the IPAB. My independent advice to the advisory board and Mayor Bloomberg for their nutrition needs …Eat $_ _ t !

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