According to two thirds of likely voters, the O-man has changed America as promised. The bad news for O? 56% of us believe he’s changed it for the worse. My only question is this: what the hell is wrong with the other 44%? (This question is purely rhetorical, of course, given that O could announce that he’s the anti-Christ who came to Earth for the sole purpose of destroying America and a large majority of that 44% would still support him.)

The statistics come from a new poll conducted for The Hill, which found that while 56% of likely voters believe the O-man’s first term has transformed America in a negative way, 35% believe the country has changed for the better under the Regime. No word on what percentage of the 35% are sadomasochists.

As one would imagine, 91% of Republicans believe the O-man has changed the country for the worse, while 71% of Democrats believe he has changed it for the better.

Wait, what? Only 71% of Democrats, O? Damn, dude, what do you have to do to please the other 29%? Suspend the Constitution and declare yourself King Barack I? Outlaw Christianity? Knock Fox News off the air? Maybe if you’d just sneak up on George Bush and set him on fire you could bump that number up to 90% or so.

Even more “shocking,” 92% of blacks say their president has changed America for the better. Apparently, the more the black unemployment rate rises – 14.4% in June, up from 13.6% in May – the better the job blacks think O’s doing. One can only imagine the level of support he’d receive if he could push their unemployment rate above 20%.

They called Ronald Reagan the Teflon president. They said Bill Clinton was bulletproof. And the O-man? From multiple scandals to an unemployment rate consistently above 8% to his continual efforts to subvert the Constitution and refusal to enforce existing laws, nothing seems to negatively impact this guy in the eyes of nearly half of America. Does that say more about him, or them?

There’s an old saying: If you can’t change the people, you change the people. That change must happen on November 6.


This is all just a really bad dream, right?

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  1. ” Knock Fox News off the air? ” Good idea. Those who get their news from Fox are more poorly informed than those who don’t watch the tube at all. Get rid of Fox and voters would be better informed.

    • Another one of your Soviet-era ideas. I don’t suppose they air Fox in North Korea either, do they?

      How interesting that you reference a poll about Fox and ignore the poll from The Hill which clearly indicates that a majority of Americans believe your president has screwed up the country.

      • I think the guy/gal/transfat just likes to stir the mix…impersonating the old W.C. Fields. Maybe does not drink anymore…but does not drink any less…the Kool Aid. :)

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