Rat And New Black Panthers Leader In Total Agreement!


Absolutely astonishing. This time I really mean it: hell has frozen over, and, while I haven’t looked out the window in the last few minutes, pigs have surely flown. Your humble conservative blogger and Malik Zulu Shabazz, chairman of the New Black Panthers Party, are in 100% agreement on something. Who knew???

Yes, America, Malik and I are sympatico – on one thing and one thing alone:

The Democratic Party treats black Americans like whores and prostitutes.

And, Malik? They’ve been doing it for more than 50 years. It’s true, bro; from the days of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society to the patronization of blacks by ironically, the nation’s first black president, your peeps have been the primary stooges of the Democrats for decades, dude.

But, hell; it looks like you’re finally starting to get it, Malik. Perhaps it’s best if I just let you speak for yourself:

“Can the Democratic Party really save us, locally and nationally, or are we just holding on because we ain’t got nothing better? Are we just being fired up for this election, to go out here and give some votes, and all of the core concerns of the black community will be thrown to the side when November gets passed?”

Um; no, no, yes, yes, yes.

As is normally the case with black racists, Malik ticked off a list of grievances against the white man – before once again teeing off on the Democratic Party:

“Is the Democratic Party going to help with that? Is that even on their agenda, on their radar? Are your concerns being addressed, or are you being used like a whore? That’s the main point here.”

Let’s see; no, no, no, yes. yes.

And just to make sure we all got the point, the New Black Panthers Party chairman repeated the obvious one more time:

“We don’t want to be used like whores and prostitutes, we have to pay attention; we have to take charge of our post, accept our own and be ourselves, and stop jiving in bullshit.”

No, yes, yes, yes, yes.

If you’re so inclined, you can catch Malik’s incredible performance at The Blaze.

First it was Louie Farrakhan calling the O-man “Buck- Dancing Tom.” Now we have Zulu Shabazz opening up a can of whoop ass on the entire Democratic Party. Hell has definitely frozen over. As for those pigs? I’m off to look out the window now.

Hope and change. Too funny.

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7 replies

  1. Keep looking out the window…don’t go outside before Nov. 7. Pigs may come crashing down. Of course have to go to market…but look up a lot. Art of ducking is important.

  2. That’s not a pig; it’s a drone.

    • I think you’re right. And has not one already crashed in U.S.? Seems I read something a short while back about that. That’s why ducking is important, along with covering rooftop with tinfoil. :)

  3. Pretty neat. A black guy representing me…a white guy too white for a black guy to like? Nope…it’s an American representing an American, too American not to like! And that’s USA American, not continent american.

  4. Yep, good point. By their “logic” (hypocrisy), wouldn’t that make the O-man “too black” to speak to the NAAWP? Oops – we don’t have an NAAWP, sorry.

  5. Maybe there is…Concealed Carry organizations?


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