Memo to the NAACP: While I realize that O could blow up the White House, set George Bush on fire and declare his allegiance to Muhammad, and you would still follow him – like blind lemmings off a cliff – guess what? Mitt Romney told you the truth today. Guess what else? You’ve ignored the truth for 50 years.

Oh, yeah – before I continue; if Mitt Romney had declined the invitation to speak before your members, you would surely have accused him of racism, right? Yet, somehow, you feel it’s perfectly appropriate to invite a presidential candidate to speak before your convention – for the express purpose of booing him and the policies you knew he had before you extended the invitation, right? Hell – why should I be surprised by your rude behavior? I’ve been to several large-city high school graduation ceremonies.

When the invited guest spoke with honestly before NAACP members today, he told them – straight up – that as President of the United States, he would repeal ObamaCare. Predictably, he was loudly booed. (One wonders how many in attendance could have passed a basic 20-question quiz on ObamaCare.) When the invited guest also told the assembly (truthfully) that the current president “has made it worse for you in almost every way” – again, he was roundly booed.

When it comes to supporting Obama (or to a lesser extent, Democrats in general), a vast majority of black Americans have never let the facts get in the way. During the 2008 campaign, Howard Stern sent a “reporter” into the streets of New York to ask black passersby whom they would support in the upcoming election. (Guess?) Hysterically, the “reporter” continued each interview by ascribing various McCain positions to Obama – and asking each interviewee if he or she would still support Obama, given “Obama’s” (McCain’s) positions. Without fail? (Guess again?) Even more hysterical, the interviewer ended each conversation by asking, “So you’re okay with Sarah Palin becoming Vice President if Obama wins, right?” (You guessed it.)

The fact that black unemployment reached 14.4% in June – up from 13.6% in May – is inconsequential to the NAACP. The fact that even the chairman of the New Black Panthers Party observed this week that the Democratic Party panders to blacks and will forget all about them once they have have dutifully voted Democratic in November is meaningless as well. Even the fact that Barack Obama has alienated large blocks of black Christians by “evolving” into a supporter of gay marriage – for the sole purpose of generating LGBT campaign contributions – is meaningless to the NAACP. (On a slightly more intellectual note, the fact that Obama’s incessant class warfare rhetoric legitimizes “taker-mentality” in the minds of the takers is completely lost on these people.)

Anyway, Mitt – thanks for showing up. As is usually the case, you reacted to the rude treatment you received the way you always do – with dignity and respect. It will be interesting to see if your opponent can do the same as November 6 creeps closer and closer.

Funny; supporting – or opposing – a candidate, based solely on the color of his skin is racist – given that it’s white Americans doing the supporting or opposing. But for black Americans? That’s a horse of an entirely different color.


O needs a new campaign slogan: “If taking’s your game, Obama’s the name.” I like it.

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  1. Another question could be…will you be happy with Obama when black unemployment reaches body temperature? (I guessed it.) Don’t answer if you have a picture I.D. Won’t count.

  2. OK. Went and read article at MSNBC. Most comments ”collapsed by community”…no picture I.D. required.

    • It’s rumored that they gave him a standing O at the end of the speech. Will have to check that out when I get home. Sounds suspicious. ;-)

      • Wouldn’t that be nice. But they probably had notes written in palm for the ending, twist and shout if you hate Romney. But will give benefit of the doubt now. We will see what the man with pants falling below butt on the street thinks (not thinks, reacts).

  3. Will look to see what you think. Lots of comments on NewsBusters, this one stood out to me. :

    Who really cares? Like anyone attending an NAACP convention is going to cast a vote for a Republican…EVER. I applaud Gov Romney for not going in there and pandering like most GOPers would. Tell them what you believe and what you’ll do, if they don’t like it they can vote for Obama, it’s that simple.

    Used to be called…don’t give a Rat’s A$$. Give a bit more reverence now. :)

  4. OK. Just watched 5:30 news, MSM…no ovation, just the Boos clip. There you go again MSM.

  5. Mitt Romney was rushed to the hospital last evening because he was acting strangely, more than usual, and was straying from his script. His doctors found that he had been bitten by the truth. Neither Mitt nor any of his handlers recognized the truth when it bit Mitt. What a shame. A trip to the ER wasted when Mitt could have continued campaigning.

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