Don’t You Just Love How Democrats Accuse Republicans Of Buying Elections?


Whether it’s liberals on the tube blathering on about the Koch brothers, or the poor hat-in-hand O-man begging donors for more money because the evil Republicans are out-fundraising him, the message is always the same with liberals: Republicans buy elections. Never mind George Soros, liberal Super Pacs and of course, the puppet master of puppet masters – Big Labor – it’s the Republicans whose unethical agenda-driven benefactors buy elections in America. Nonsense.

As reported by The Hill, a pro-Obama Super PAC and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the nation’s largest unions (an avid supporter of O from the beginning), are launching a third round of Spanish-language television and radio ads today as part of a joint $4 million Hispanic “outreach campaign.” (Translation: a blanketed campaign designed to remind Hispanics that not only has the O-man circumvented Congress and subverted the Constitution as part of his epic effort to placate them, but also that Mitt Romney – like all Republicans – wants to put moats full of alligators on the Mexican border.)

The ads, released by Priorities Action USA and the SEIU, portray Mitt Romney as indifferent towards the poor and harmful to the middle class. (Wow, what a “fresh” approach to demonizing Republicans, huh?)

Not only does each of the ads feature clips of Romney speaking  – with Spanish subtitles, of course – they also include negative follow-up color commentary by various Hispanic Obamabots. Here’s a priceless example – compliments of SEIU’s international secretary-treasurer, Eliseo Medina:

“Romney’s dismissive rhetoric regarding the concerns of the middle class and the Latino community clearly indicates how out of touch he is with real people, and the kinds of policies he would champion. He comes from a world that broke the economy and made him a millionaire, and he has no interest in helping us repair and regain the American Dream.” 

An “out of touch millionaire,” mi amigo? You mean like John Kerry, who docked his new $7 million yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying $500,000 in taxes to his home state of Massachusetts? Or perhaps you’re thinking more along the lines of millionaire Barack Obama telling an elitist group of donors in San Francisco – unaware of an open mic – how Midwesterners “cling to guns or religion or antipathy towards people who aren’t like them”, right?

Incidentally, Eliseo, if your genuinely interested in learning about “broken economies,” try Googling “Barack Obama: Oppressive debt and massive tax increases.”

Oh, and mi amigo? Mitt Romney earned the American Dream through hard honest work. John Kerry married it – twice. And your savior, El Presidente Obama, is somewhere in the middle – he sold a book.


Can you imagine the vicious attacks against Marco Rubio if he’s selected as Mitt’s running mate?

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  1. ?The truth hurts, si senor?

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