Pot Refuses To Apologize; Continues To Call Kettle Black

O Doubles Down On Lies About Mitt and Bain Capital

Having been refuted by everyone from the Washington Post to FactCheck.org, one would think that O would cut his losses and run, right? Nope, not the community organizer from Chicago: Barack Obama has chosen not only to refuse to take the honorable out and apologize for a disgraceful “misstep,” but to also do what Barack Obama always chooses to do whenever he is backed into a corner: double down on a losing hand.

Yep, not only does this small and discredited man stubbornly trudge on with his baseless attacks against Mitt Romney with desperate and discredited charges that Romney shipped jobs overseas while at the helm of Bain Capital; Team O has dropped the “F” bomb on Mitt.

Not that “F” bomb; the felony “F” bomb.

Yes, folks, the transcendent man-god who was going to change the culture of politics in America as we knew it has instead reduced himself to charging that his political opponent in 2012 just might be a felon!

Not only have O and his surrogates been proven (by bipartisan parties) to be disingenuous fools over their charges that Romney outsourced jobs while at Bain Capital; it has been clearly demonstrated that it has indeed been O himself who has shipped jobs overseas – $29 billion worth of them. As a result, Finland, Denmark, Mexico and a host of other countries are all the better as a result of O’s efforts to steer jobs their way, but I digress.

Hell, America, let’s look at things from O’s perspective: Would we run on his record if we were him? Of course not. He told us in 2009 that he deserved to be a one-term president if he didn’t “fix the economy” and create more jobs (as promised) by the end of his third year in office. (He has long since abandoned that admonition.) He told us that his “stimulus” package would reduce the unemployment rate to 5.6% by now – vs. its current level of 8.2%. (For those of you keeping score at home, the current rate is 46.4% higher than he lied told us it would be.) With a track record like this, would you run on it?

No, America, if we were Barack Obama, we wouldn’t run on our – er, his – record either. 


And yes, O’s behavior is beneath the dignity of the Office of the Presidency.

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7 replies

  1. O’s behavior is beneath the dignity of a dogcatcher.

  2. You don’t run on a record anymore, Rat, you run a a CD. Besides Barack is not a small man; he is 6 feet 1 inch tall. I haven’t met Mitt, but I believe that he is shorter than the POTUS. And the charges against Mitt have merit, and are likely true. In politics, you are guilty until proven innocent as all those slurs against the President demonstrate.

    • I was just thinking; you know how you said you respond to MY posts on YOUR website? (after having done your usual drive-by on my site, that is.) Why don’t you cross-post my articles, give your readers an opportunity to hear what I have to say first-hand, and then offer up your predictable drivel?

      As I told you the other day, I do realize that you prefer preaching to the choir, but hell, Walt – why not? ;-)

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