O Pretty Sure Young Lemmings Eager To Follow Him Off Cliff

Hell Dudes, 2008 Was ‘Lightning In A Bottle’ – Let’s Finish This Thing!

Life for the Panderer-in-Chief must be absolute hell these days. Think about it: so many groups to exploit, so little time to do the exploiting – given the inordinate amount of time the O-man spends lying about Mitt Romney these days. Poor O is like that guy at the state fair who spins multiple plates on long sticks; as soon as he re-spins one of them, two more begin to wobble. Such is the life of a community organizer who relies on placating disparate groups of voters vs. that of an honorable man who runs for office on principles. The only “principle” Barack Obama covets is reelecting Barack Obama.

The latest wobbly plate in the O-man’s sideshow is the millennial plate. O has spent so much time pandering to women, Hispanics, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and environmentalist wackos that he’s had precious little time to focus on sucking up to young voters. As a consequence, his support among millennials is down considerably from 2008. (Although, I’d rather give these people the benefit of the doubt and believe that a large percentage of them have simply wised up in 3 1/2 years.)

Lest you think the O-man’s worried in the least about snagging a disproportionate number of young voters in November, let not your fear get the best of you, Obamabots; O’s as cocky about the youth vote as he ever was. (Can a concert on MTV be far behind?) In an interview with the local ABC affiliate in Washington D.C., O predicted young voters would once again flock to him in droves. Let’s listen in, shall we?

ABC: Some polling indicates maybe the fire in the belly isn’t as intense this time around for some voters, especially young voters, so pivotal for your election.

O: Right.

ABC: Are you worried at all about the novelty wearing off, maybe some enthusiasm drop? (Or perhaps, delusion wearing off?)

O: Well look, 2008, obviously your first time around in some ways it was lightning in a bottle. There were so many young people who just automatically got involved and, you know, we’ve gone through three and a half tough years. The economy is tough, especially for young people and, yet, what I’ve been really encouraged about here in Virginia and all across the country, we are still seeing just tons of volunteers getting involved, a lot of passion, a lot of interest. And I think the reason is they understand in some ways this election is more important than 2008. The choice in terms of the direction we want to take the country is very stark this time, so the stakes are big, and I think people wanna finish what we started in 2008.

Speaking of delusion, the O-man has an ability to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse better than anyone in politics alive. Then again, he’s had a hell of a lot of practice. And, that “finish what we started in 2008″ part? News flash for lemmings (of all ages): CLIFF STRAIGHT AHEAD!

O’s did manage to make an observation with which I’m in total agreement:

“This election is more important than 2008. The choice in terms of the direction we want to take the country is very stark this time, so the stakes are big.”

Yes it is, yes it is and yes they are, O. The stark choice is whether America pulls back from the cliff of socialism and divisiveness and returns to the principles that made this country the greatest country in the history of the planet.

Those stakes are “big,” indeed.


Was gonna go with the Pied Piper analogy, but couldn’t bear to think of the outcome for the poor rats.

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  1. It’s what lemmings do after they watch FOX News.

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