O To Syria: I’d Love To Stop The Slaughter, But I’ve Got This Election Thingy Coming Up That I Gotta Worry About

O Regime Won’t Help Syrian Rebels – Until After The Election

Imagine, if you will, it’s June 5, 1944. The Nazis have a stranglehold on Europe. The Allied plan to invade Normandy has been finalized for several weeks. Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower rings up American President Franklin D. Roosevelt to get the green light to launch the invasion at 6:30 am the next morning. FDR gets on the phone – after having been called off the golf course to take Ike’s call. (Yeah, I know, FDR was wheel-chair-bound, but play along with me here.) Further imagine that the conversation went something like this:

Ike: “All planning and preparation have been completed, Mr. President. All we need is your order to proceed.”

FDR: “Ike, I’ve been thinking this whole invasion thing through – and listen, no one wants to help the good people of Europe rid themselves of the Nazi scourge anymore than I do – but here’s the thing – I’ve got this election thingy comin’ up in November, and ya know what, Ike – I’m gonna have to put off the invasion until after the election. I just can’t risk it. You understand, right? I mean – I’ve got to prioritize – that’s what presidents do. You understand, don’t you, Ike?”

Ike: “Uh, sure, Mr. President, I understand.”

FDR: Good – I knew you would. And, Ike? Remember to tell the good people of Europe that I stand with them – unequivocally. You tell them no one stands with them more than I do. Will you do that for me, Ike?”

Ike: “Uh, sure, Mr. President, I’ll do that for you.”

FDR: “Great, Ike – I knew you’d support me. Oh – and one more thing.”

Ike: “Yes, Mr. President?”

FDR: “I’ve been thinking – maybe it would be better if you didn’t call me anymore – I mean – just until after the election, that is – you understand, right?”

Ike: “Of course, Mr. President, I understand completely.”

FDR: “Great, Ike, I knew you would. Thanks again, and I’ll be in touch.”

The fate of Europe would likely have turned out quite differently were that conversation to have occurred. On a related note, the Obama Regime has informed its Western allies and Syria’s opposition groups that it will do nothing to intervene in the wholesale slaughter of innocent Syrian civilians until after November’s presidential election, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Despite anguished pleas from the Syrian rebels, who desperately seek help with their efforts to overthrow the Assad Regime, the Obama Regime has refused all requests for heavy weapons and intelligence support. (Too bad for them they’re not Hezbollah – fighting the Israelis.)

Syrian lobbyists in Washington, who only a few weeks ago were expressing hope that the Regime (Obama’s)  would give a green light to the supply of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, now say they have been forced to “take a reality pill” by the US government. (Welcome to the club, guys.) Said a spokesman for the lobyists:

“Basically the message is very clear; nothing is going to happen until after the election. In fact, nothing will happen until after the inauguration [Jan 20,2013]. 

Abdulbaset Sieda, chairman of the official Syrian National Council, called on the Obama Regime not to abandon the rebels for the sake of the presidential election, following the latest massacre in the village of Tremseh last week:

“We want for America and the Western countries to carry out their responsibilities. With regard to America, specifically, we would like to say to President Obama that waiting for election day to make the right decision on Syria is unacceptable for the Syrians.

We cannot understand that a superpower ignores the killing of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians because of an election campaign that a president may win or lose. That’s why we are saying there is work that must take place at the Security Council.”

Unfortunately, Abdulbaset, not only can most Americans “understand that a superpower (Barack Obama) ignores the killing of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians because of an election campaign,” but we also understand – as you do not – that this president cares about one thing and one thing alone – and it is the prism through which he filters all decisions: the political survival of Barack Hussein Obama.

You see, Abdulbaset, O’s thrown even America’s most loyal allies under the bus as he’s sought to pander to our enemies. And you think the slaughter of Syrian civilians is as important to him as winning the election?


Here’s the thing, Abdulbaset; if you could get the Israelis to start massacring your people, you’d have a hell of a lot better chance of convincing the O-man to intervene. Just ask Bibi, if you doubt me.

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10 replies

  1. Your point valid, Rat, but I’m not convinced that we should be in the middle of this mess. I can’t deide who are our friends and who are our enemies in this. I think they need to figure this one out for themselves.

    • I don’t think we should be in the middle of it either, nee – but for O to suggest to the Syrians that he’d be glad to help them – just not until after the election – is typical of this disgraceful boy who would be king.

      The FDR-Ike analogy is for the purpose of pointing out the priorities of one Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Well the NWO has gotten rid of what worked in the Mideast, strong whatever you want to call them, dictators? But those whatever you want to call them …that kept these nut Islamists in check. Russia has their own problem there and likely understands about that. What? you think Czar Holdren cares about 17,000 in Syria? World is overpopulated by 5 billion now…according to that sort…it won’t be Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes…how about Population Clearing House, coming soon to your neighborhood. Ginsburg said it…Roe vs Wade was all about getting rid of people we don’t want. Her comments can be google now, don’t know how long, plus she dismissed our Constitution and a guide for worlds fools.

      • That’s pretty much what I think, Unit. I think Russia may have a better handle than our so-called leadership, Chechnya is not far from home. Unless there is somebody on OUR side, I say stay out.

        • Yep and I wish for that.

          • Got cha. Chechnya was the learning experience I meant over there. They been struggling with that at least 20 years. Didn’t name it cause I couldn’t spell it and was tired of looking up correct spelling. But it’s a fore warning for here…Europe still learning as well. They seem not to want to take their castor oil. Ugh…awful but necessary to expel harmful pathogens. Ole Mama remedy.

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