FBI Admits It Failed To Investigate Fort Hood Killer Because Of Political Correctness

Shooter’s Ties With Terrorist Al-Alawki Were Well-Known

Too Bad He Wasn’t A ‘Right-Wing Christian’

Let’s look at the “bright” side: At least FBI Director Robert Mueller, unlike his boss, has the integrity to admit it: The FBI failed to investigate Ft. Hood shooter Army Major Nadal Hasan because it was concerned with political correctness.

Despite receiving multiple warnings that Hasan was an Islamic extremist who supported suicide bombings and was determined to kill civilians, a report completed by former FBI Director William Webster found that the agency was so concerned about the appearance of investigating an American Muslim in U.S. military, it failed to pursue an investigation of Hasan – even though it had ample evidence to suggest that it should. (Israel: you may now laugh out loud.)

Two months after the Ft. Hood attack, which left 13 people dead, it was revealed that members of the FBI anti-terrorism task force had seen emails between Hasan and the now properly-dispatched terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, who encouraged Hasan to “stay in touch.” The FBI had been investigating al-Awlaki for his possible connections to the 9/11 hijackers. (Al-Awlaki was subsequently sent to frolic with his 72 virgins by a Hellfire missile.)

When agents saw the emails between Hasan and al-Awlaki, they asked the FBI bureau in Washington to contact Hasan’s superior officers, according to the Webster report. But the Washington agents thought that interviewing American Muslims who visitIslamic extremist websites was a sensitive issue and therefore did not reach out to Hasan’s bosses at the Defense Department. (Are you still laughing, Israel?)

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, who was recently briefed on the yet-to-be released Webster report, summed it up: “It shows you the length of the political correctness stuff going on.”

It will be interesting to watch the O-man twist and turn as he tries to slither his way out of admitting – as did his FBI Director – that political correctness in America has reached the level of insanity where liberals are much more concerned with protecting the feelings of poor, put-upon Muslims than they are with protecting the lives of innocent Americans.

Oh, and that suicide bomber who recently blew up a bus full of Israelis in Bulgaria? He was a former Gitmo detainee. You know, one of those poor “illegally-held” souls that the Left has been fighting to release for years. 


Still, those fragile little ladies in wheelchairs at the airport do look like natural-born killers, don’t they?

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  1. I concur completely! I have always been opposed to “Political Correctness” in that the policy only protects liberals. Certainly, Christianity is not shielded from criticism like the Muslims are. The mindset and priorities are a direct reflection of the feelings in Washington, D.C. Can you picture this atrocity taking place with John Ashcroft as Attorney General? I can’t. The only folks that benefit from “Political Correctness” are the troublemakers, ie: Muslim Extremists, Black Panthers, ACORN, etc.

  2. Where’s the link to the reports by Webster/et. al.? You need to source your report. I can’t repost this otherwise.


  1. 7/21/2012 — FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012 « News World Wide

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