Australia: Foreign Leaders See ‘America In Decline’


Well now. We seem to have two distinctly different images of America going on here. The Australian Foreign Minister told Mitt Romney over the weekend that the world’s leaders see an “America in decline” – while Barack Obama tells us incessantly that he has restored America’s image as the world’s “sole, indispensable power.” Before we get to figuring out who’s right – and who’s wrong – let’s look at some background.

During a speech earlier this year in which he tried to build the case for a second term, O told a group of well-heeled Democratic donors in New York that that he is responsible for restoring a “sense of America as the sole, indispensable power” in the world. (not unlike O singled-handedly going over the wall in Abbottabad and taking out Osama bin Laden.) I trust that you can refrain from throwing up in your mouth as you read a few excerpts of O’s self-aggrandizing monologue – along with a bit of color commentary, of course:

“What we were also able to do, I think, is to restore a sense of America as the sole, indispensable power – a country that, whether it’s responding to an earthquake or a tsunami, or it’s dealing with a dictator that is about to ruthlessly butcher his people, we aren’t out there alone.” 

Really, O? “Dealing with a dictator that is about to ruthlessly butcher his people?” They’re “not out there alone”? You mean except for Syria, right? You know – the country that has been systematically butchering its people for 17 months? The country you told you can’t do anything to help until after the election? Yeah, that one.

“When I came into office, Iran was united and the world was divided. And now what we have is a united international community that is saying to Iran, you’ve got to change your ways.”

When you said “we have a united international community” as it relates to Iran, you meant to add “except for Russia and China,” right? Yeah, I know, you and your pals in Russia and China are saying that Iran has to change its ways, but how exactly has Iran changed its ways, O? By sending terrorists around the world to target Israeli diplomats? By blowing up a bus full of Israelis in Bulgaria last week? By continuing to defy international efforts to halt its pursuit of nuclear weapons – while continuing to threaten to wipe Israel off the map? Yep, O, words are cheap. But hell – you’ve been the master of hollow pledges and promises for as long as we can remember.

Australia Sees It Differently

During a meeting with Mitt Romney in San Francisco Sunday, Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr painted a starkly different image of America – as seen by the rest of the world. The foreign minister quietly warned the presumptive Republican nominee that foreign leaders see an “America in decline.”

A Romney spokesman said that the foreign minister requested the private meeting. No other details of the meeting were made available.

This news, from one of America’s staunchest allies, should come as tremendous embarrassment to the Obamabots – given that O’s been prancing around the country telling anyone who will listen how he’s rescued America from the eight-year disaster that was George Bush. Sadly, given the arrogance of O and his sycophants, I’m sure the Australian Foreign Minister will simply be disparaged and thrown under the bus – right next to Israel.

At any rate, O, it doesn’t sound like the world views America as the “sole, indispensable power” you claim to have restored. Iran continues to mock you. Russia and China continue to veto UN resolutions calling for an end to the massacre of innocent Syrians. And now, one of America’s most loyal allies cared enough to request a private meeting with Mitt Romney so he could tell him the sad truth, O. So he could tell him that, apparently, most world leaders believe that Mitt is the only candidate who can right the ship.

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled, Liberals

Lest you forget, my liberal friends, there’s a bright spot here. Remember, an America in decline is exactly what many of you want. You see America as an arrogant intrusive bully who has raped and pillaged the rest of the world for generations – all for its own selfish needs and desires. You see an America of heartless corporations and “the rich” who achieve their ill-gotten gains at the expense of the poor and middle class. You see an America that deserves to be put it in its place – just like the playground bully who picks on the other kids during recess.

You may lose your president as a result, loons – but isn’t an “America in decline” worth it in the end?


Besides, maybe O’s just taking one for the team.

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2 replies

  1. America has been in a decline for long time and it will take more than Barack’s first term and possibly a second and maybe a third term to turn things around, as long as the GOP continues to block the way. Anything to defeat Obama. Don’t be modest, GOP, take credit where credit is due.

    • If we defeat the Socialist in November, yes – we will take credit. I promise.

      P.S. As much as your boy king would love a third (and fourth, fifth, sixth, etc.) term, I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to keep that from happening. I don’t think even the O-man, with his penchant for circumventing the Constitution and the Congress, can beat us on that one. Thank God.

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