The Genius Of Timmy Geithner: ‘The Economy Is Not Growing Fast Enough; Unemployment Is Very High’


Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen – I’ll be here all night! 

Testifying before  Congress for the umpteenth time, (I have a theory they keep calling him back because they can’t believe that he actually said the stupid crap he said the time before) Mr. Obvious offered up is latest expert opinion on the state of the U.S. economy.

“The economy is not growing fast enough. Unemployment is very high.”

To which the committee chairman replied, “Okay, everybody – that’ll do it; thanks for coming. Last one out get the lights, please.” Okay, maybe it didn’t go exactly that way, but c’mon – you can’t tell me that those present in the room didn’t look at this guy with “WTF?” looks on their faces. Here’s the guru:

“The economy is not growing fast enough. Unemployment is very high. There’s a huge amount of damage left in the housing market. Americans are living with the scars of this crisis.

The institutions with authority should be doing everything they can to try to make economic growth stronger. That is an obligation we all share. Congress under the Constitution has the authority for the most powerful tools we have available to help economic growth. We’d like Congress to use those tools now in this context.

And again we will keep supporting anything practical, sensible, that will make growth stronger, help get more people back to work, help make credit more available to more people not just to buy a home or to refinance a mortgage, but to make sure businesses can expand to meet growing demand for their products.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we didn’t hire O and the boys to trot up to the Hill every few weeks to confirm that, yes, the economy still sucks; yes, the unemployment rate still sucks; no, Congress is not doing what it needs to do to fix the sucking economy and the sucking high employment rate; yes, we will support any proposals that are “practical” and “sensible” – which we define as proposals that rubber-stamping O’s proposals.

At any rate, it’s good to see that Timmy is still alive and well – on Planet Geithner. 

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6 replies

  1. Whew!…I dreamt i posted a politically suggestive overture by Geithner to Pelosi.

    It was just a little monkey business. Sure Rat couldn’t let it stay up.

    • Damn, unit, I incorrectly read that as “sexual overture” the first time through – made me throw up in my mouth! :-D

      • P.S. As long as you don’t get out of control, I’ll tolerate a little “monkey business” from time to time. ;-)

        • I’ll be tolerant…watching the rant part. But likeness to said subjects was so very close. Being the computer novice I am, didn’t even know for shore if I transmitted pic…but guess it’s like communicable disease. Sneeze into yore elbow…Sebelius as per order, and be careful. I be in control down this way. But hurry up Nov. 6.

          • Was kidding you, unit; you may rant away, post any links you’d like, and otherwise carry on in the manner only “the unit” can carry on.

            I’ll let you know if you ever get out of line – which I suspect, won’t happen. ;-)

        • Actually Sebelius is 180 degrees off as the rest of left. If you sneeze into yore elbow…either yore shoulder is out of joint or yore elbow is broken and twisted. Twisted is the best word to describe them. If normal anatomy…sneeze into the “crook of your arm.”

          Then again first definition of crook best describes them…

          Simply “them” Sebub and Boss. :) in context of …we get it. Thanks for yours, the smiles, above!

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