Judge: Shave Your Beard Or We’ll Shave It For You!


Why not just pluck out each hair with a pair of tweezers?

It’s about time. Pardon my language, but these bastards have been given everything from Qurans to prayer rugs to special diets for ten years. Hell – the prisoners at Gitmo probably feel like they’re vacationing at Club Med vs. the lifestyles they lived running around in 120 degree weather trying to save their asses from Hellfire missiles. Yes, it’s about damn time.

Islamic Extremist, U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, charged with killing 13 people in a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, will be forcibly shaved if he doesn’t remove his beard himself, a judge said Wednesday.

Nadal, who appeared in court sporting a beard is in violation of Army regulations, says that his beard is “an expression of his Muslim faith.” (as is apparently the murder of 13 fellow soldiers.)

The judge, Col. Gregory Gross, held Hasan in contempt for failing to shave the beard after warning the Islamist in his previous court appearance  – and fined him $1,000. Fort Hood spokesman Chris Haug said Gross gave Hasan the choice to shave his own or be forcibly shaved sometime before his court-martial begins Aug. 20. (I’m still in favor of the tweezers.)

Hasan’s defense attorneys argued that he had not shaved in observance of the “holy” Islamic month of Ramadan. Ramadan is expected to end just before the court-martial begins. How unfortunate – I’d rather see this pig shaved against his will.

Better yet, do to him what they do to drunk bearded guys in frat houses – shave off half his beard. 

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5 replies

  1. There seems to be no half staff memorial at Fort Hood. Fine…the military not fooled.

    Let’s do $1000 dollar fine per hair…starting with his face, notice chest in picture and imagine what’s below the CAIR equator? Definition…that’s below the belt, Rat.:)

      • Saw I and you are invited to an iftar, by CAIR. Some kind of breakfast…is that a tar and feather event? No particular date, its going on during Ramajam in your town and mine…purpose…just more of ”their miraculous tales of ‘coming to the light of Islam.’ ” Nope think not, iftar (if tar) and feather, might attend. I pass and wipe as required. Then flush. Do appreciate septic tank, but would enjoy old grandmom’s outhouse to see Nidal at the bottom with other maggots. And I did see those creepy crawlers…years ago…do I need to explain more? I try not to need to be read twice or over and over again. :)

        • Missed that – where did you see it?

          • You only missed your personal invitation. It’s ongoing. For instance Rahm welcomes Farrakhan, that’s iftar. We are supposed to slurp in the iftar day in and day out. That’s what is missed… no new news story now…where would you see it anyways? Just google for intent.

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