Need To Fire Up The Black Vote? No Problem! Create An African-American Education Office – By Executive Order, Of Course!


Business as usual for Panderer-in-Chief 

Can someone please tell me how this is not discrimination? In yet another Hail Mary pass, ( or would that be an onside kick?) the Panderer-in-Chief announced at a speech to the National Urban League Wednesday that he is creating – by executive order, of course – a new office to “ensure” that black children are better prepared for high school, college and careers. (I’m confused; aren’t grade school and middle school supposed to prepare all children for high school, which in turn prepares them for college, which in term prepares them for eventual careers?)

Oh, wait – silly me – I forgot that the election is only four months away and O needs to shore up the black vote. (Apparently, a drop to “only” 76% of black support vs. the 95% he received in 2008 has panicked O.)

The new office, the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, or WHIEEAA (I’m kidding) will be given the goal of producing “a more effective continuum” of programs for black students. Here’s O:

“And that’s why we’re pushing all colleges and universities to cut their costs. Because we can’t keep asking taxpayers to subsidize skyrocketing tuition. A higher education in the 21st century cannot be a luxury. It is a vital necessity that every American should be able to afford. I want all these young people to be getting a higher education, and I don’t want them loaded up with tens of thousands of dollars of debt just to get an education. That’s how we make America great.”

So, as is the case with his Planet Obama mentality and demonstrated “expertise” as it relates to the business world, O thinks he can “push” colleges and universities to “cut their costs” – or did he just throw that “because we can’t keep asking taxpayers to subsidize skyrocketing tuition” part in there because he knows America is fed up with his never-ending tax increases? Or, perhaps he thinks he can just dictate to colleges and universities the way he dictated to healthcare insurers that they should absorb the cost of birth control and abortifacients for covered Catholics?

Oh, and excuse my skepticism, O, but how is “asking taxpayers to subsidize” tuition any different from “asking taxpayers to subsidize” every other facet of society you’re asking them to subsidize? Yeah, I know, you only want “the rich” to pay their “fare share,” but, between you and me, you know ObamaCare alone will raise taxes on damn near everyone, right?

No word on whether O plans to announce an office to ensure a more effective continuum of education for Eskimos. 

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  1. “We the People… of the Plantation”…now do hereby proclaim for our vote…we will load up a F-250 with 23 people from Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico to head to Houston to register…durn some ole tree in Goliad, Tx was an obstacle …oh well, then vote from the grave. Maybe twice.

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