Disgusting Democrat Uses Aurora Theater Massacre To Drum Up Cash


I’ve often written that Barack Obama will do or say anything he believes will increase his chances for reelection. The same may be said of Cynthia Dill, the disgraceful Democratic candidate running in Maine’s Senate race to replace retiring Republican Olympia Snowe; she is attempting to use the Aurora theater massacre of 12 innocent people – for fundraising purposes.

Here’s a snippet from this disgusting woman’s latest fundraising letter, as reported by U.S. News & World Report:

“How many murdered children does it take?” My opponents both agree it was okay for the Aurora killer to be able to legally purchase a 100-round magazine of ammunition, and I don’t. That’s the difference. Can you chip in $100 today?”

Dill’s fundraising E-mail went on to say she was “sick and tired of the bloodbath,” and of “seeing mothers weeping over the bodies of innocent children slaughtered.” “Where will it happen next?” she asked. “Give $100 to our campaign.” Disgusting.

In the words of O’s former chief of staff and current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” This is who these people are, folks.

For the record, I too believe that civilians should not be able to purchase heavy weapons and 100-round clips. However, I also believe that if I were running for public office, I’d have the common decency to refrain from exploiting a horror of the magnitude of Aurora – for 100 bucks a pop. Shame on Cynthia Dill.

If Ms. Hill hits her fundraising goal, at least the innocent victims of Aurora will not have died in vain. 

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  1. The guns used in the Aurora tragedy were not “heavy weapons”. That description applies to bullets larger than .50 caliber (the big machine guns mounted to military vehicles or aircraft). I used to think along similar lines, that civilians do not need access to assault rifles. I DO NOT NOW! Restricting the types of firearms authorized for public use is merely the first step in banishing guns altogether. Next comes registration of “normal” firearms. Last is confiscation of all guns. I just signed up for your e-mails, so I am not sure where you stand with respect to pending economic collapse, or other disasters that precipitate a Without Rule Of Law (WROL) scenario. Honest, law abiding citizens may need such weapons to defend their families from harm or property from looting / destruction. Watch the video of the 1992 LA riots. Picture defending your home with a revolver, bolt action rifle or the shotgun you use for duck hunting. It won’t work for very long. How about the ranchers out West? They deal with packs of wolves, packs of coyotes, etc. Many people in the South have problems with families of feral hogs. There are multiple uses for semi-automatic rifles for decent, respectable folks.

    • I didn’t mean to suggest that the guns used were “heavy weapons.” I simply included them – and assault rifles -with my opposition to 100-round clips, one of which was used in Aurora. Thankfully, the low-quality clip apparently jammed.

      Unlike most of my gun-owning friends, I disagree with the old argument that banning assault weapons and such is “just the first step” to banning gun ownership altogether. Surprisingly, conservative justice Antonin Scalia suggested over the weekend that banning weapons “unforeseen by our Forefathers” would not be a violation of Second Amendment rights. I concur.

      Thanks for becoming a subscriber; stick around and get an overall sense of where I stand on a multitude of issues. Past posts can give you a pretty good understanding as well – particularly on views of the Regime’s power grab and hellbent desire to redistribute wealth. I’m also not overly fond of the Left’s blatant hypocrisy – and their exploitation of the “less than informed.”

      Sounds to me like we’re singing from the same song sheet – except for the need (or “right”) for the public to have ready access to assault rifles, 100-round clips and such.

      • I thank you for your work in spreading the truth. I have always felt that the Left controls 90% of the information that the general public consumes: Main Stream Media (TV), printed news (NY & LA Times, etc.), and Hollywood. Deep inside, I think that most Americans have conservative values (God & country, respect for military, police, fair system of rewards & punishments). We need to get the word out there to debunk liberal lies and the horrific potential results in allowing the Left to push their oppressive agenda on the United States. I understand where you are coming from in opposing assault rifles and high capacity magazines. But, as mentioned above, I no longer subscribe to those beliefs. An NRA historical account of what happened in Great Britain was instrumental in convincing me to stand up for all gun rights. As a “Prepper”, my strongest fears are from an angry, hungry mob swarming my home in attempt to take the few supplies that we put aside. Or, even scarier yet, some BAFT agent standing at my door collecting our firearms.

  2. Just a quick note to complete an errant thought on a previous post. When I stated the reasons that the Left controls 90% of what the average American hears, I should have combined MSM and print journalism into one method and added control of the colleges and universities as a third instrument of spreading the liberal misrepresentation of the truth. Sorry.

  3. You probably saw story where HomeLand Security is getting ready for upheaval and disaray prior to conventions and election…147 riot helmuts, clubs, vests, arm and shin protectors , and probably reenforced jock straps? Did you miss story couple of weeks ago. ..their buying 450 million rifle bullets, think .223 , and millions of .40 hollow point, flesh tearing, pistol bullets? Homeland Security? Or Homeland Subjection? I don’t have a round magazine 100 round, cheap version, but bet some patriots, not crazy killers, do. Sure Founders didn’t forsee weapontry today, but squirrel shooter then from behind a tree matched British onslaught then. Maybe a drone can’t pick up a patriot behind the old oak tree now. It was called “equalizers” way back there. We still need them. Start with Nov. 6, don’t abstain from voting, then hold accountable.

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