O Calls In The Guy In The Big Boy Pants


Calm down, O – your excitement is over the top

Well Now. Politics does make strange bedfellows indeed. Frick and Frack (or should I say Oil and Water?) will be back together for Obamapalooza 2.0 – the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The fact that Barack Hussein Obama groveled personally asked William Jefferson Clinton to not only renominate him, but to also shill – as only Bubba can shill – for his failed presidency is just one more indication of how desperate the community organizer has become.

You see, folks, O and Bubba really don’t like each other all that much. Truth be told, they resent the hell out of one another. Bubba still carries a grudge over the fact that the disobedient upstart from Chicago had the audacity (of “Hope”) to challenge Hillary for the presidency in 2008 – who many on the Left (including Bubba) thought would simply be ordained as the rightful Democratic candidate. O, in turn, resents Bubba for not only suggesting that he was (and is) unfit to be president – but for also employing “racist tactics” in South Carolina during the 2008 primary contest. Suffice it say – these guys don’t go camping together.

At any rate, according to The New York Times, Bill Clinton is set to play a leading role at the Democratic convention, where he will formally place O’s name into nomination by delivering a prime-time speech designed to present a “forceful economic argument” as to why O deserves to win a second term. The suspense is killing me – can hardly wait.

As The Times sees it, the prominent role of Bubba, which is scheduled to be announced today, signals an effort by the O campaign to pull out all the stops to rally Democrats – who are beginning to believe in increasing numbers that the community organizer just might go down in flames in November. This is one of those rare occasions where I not only agree with The New York Times, but hope like hell that the increasing number of Democrats are right.

Obama apologist-extraordinaire (or puppet master – I’ve never really figured out which) David Axelrod behaved like a schoolgirl as gushed about Bubba in an interview yesterday:

“There isn’t anybody on the planet who has a greater perspective on not just the last four years, but the last two decades, than Bill Clinton.  He can really articulate the choice that is before the people.”

Earth to Axe: Call me crazy, but shouldn’t the guy who’s actually running for reelection be the best person to “articulate the choice that is before the people”? I mean damn, dude – he’ll have his teleprompter and everything, right?

Although, O and Axe might actually be on to something here; the only way to “articulate the choice that is before the people” and make O look like the logical choice is to lie. Nobody is better at lying than Bubba Clinton. Nobody. Hell – Bubba lies so well he damn near makes you like to listen to him lying to you.

On second thought, listen, Axe – I know it’s way past time to call in someone who wears big boy pants, but you’re not making your candidate look real good here, are you?

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  1. Big Boy Pants? I thought question was boxers or jocky shorts? To all who will abstain from voting cause you want whoever…abstain and get the stains of Bill and …Obama, different from Bills, but stains nevertheless.

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