Meanwhile, Back At The Border


From The Washington Times: Senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, introduced two top border immigration agents at a Senate hearing late last week to talk about the lax enforcement directives they are given by the Department of Homeland Security and how illegal immigrants are cheating the system to get into United States – even after multiple violent crimes have been committed. Said Sessions in opening remarks:

“The Administration claims it has diligently enforced immigration law and that the border is ‘more secure than ever.’ But those on the front lines know this to be untrue. They see the violence, chaos and lawlessness. They have lost confidence in the leadership of their agencies. 

As you will hear today, this administration has engaged in a sustained, relentless effort to undermine America’s immigration laws.”

In a June circumvention of Congress and federal immigration law, O issued an executive order that halted the deportation of illegal immigrants who came to the United States as young children. O’s edict also gives these individuals – estimated to be 800,000 – the right to work legally in the country as well. From The New York Times:

Under the change, the Department of Homeland Security will no longer initiate the deportation of illegal immigrants who came to the United States before age 16, have lived here for at least five years and are in school, are high school graduates or are military veterans in good standing. The immigrants must also be not more than 30 years old and have clean criminal records.

However, border patrol agents report that this criteria is being virtually ignored, and illegal immigrants who should have been charged with crimes and sentenced to prison are routinely released into the general public after being arrested, according to ICE agent Chris Crane, President of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council:

“Prosecutorial discretion is solely based on the individuals’ claims. Our orders are: If an alien says they went to high school, then let them go. If they say they have a GED, then let them go. Officers have been told that there is no burden for the alien to prove anything; even with the greatly relaxed policies, an alien is not required to prove that they meet any of the criteria.”

Of course, it would be racist of me to suggest that every great once in awhile, border agents just might run across one or two “less than forthright” Hispanics, wouldn’t it?

Crane related a specific example of the result of O’s Catch and Release Program:

“As an example, [in an] incident in El Paso released publicly last week, ICE managers were provided with the following details: one – an alien was arrested by local police and placed in jail on two charges: Charge one – assault with bodily injury to a family member, and charge two – interfering with that person’s attempts to call emergency assistance. 

When ICE arrested the individual for immigration violations, he attempted to escape – another criminal offense. One agent was injured in the incident, claiming the injuries were intentionally inflicted by the escapee – another criminal offense (assault of a federal agent). So, in this case we have four possible criminal charges: two involving violence, one injured family member and one injured officer. Without any questioning—without any investigation, the alien was released as a dreamer. No criminal charges, no immigration charges, no nothing.”

Shocked? You shouldn’t be; this is the underbelly of liberalism. Remember, liberals are never about results – they live in a world of words, symbolism and intent. Barack Hussein Obama stands before his trusty teleprompter and waxes eloquently of young Hispanic children with dreams of a better education – a better job – in the Golden Land of Opportunity. (He also tells us that “the rich” are keeping the middle class down, so I’m not quite sure how he reconciles that whole thing – although, the real intent of his hollow words is his own reelection.)

Republicans – specifically Mitt Romney – must not be afraid to talk about events such as the one described by agent Crane – clearly, loudly and often. Romney must not be deterred by fear of charges of racism – or any of the other slime ball tactics we’ve come to expect from Team O. This election is not only winnable, there is plenty of damning material on which Romney can – and must – capitalize to make it happen.

As we say in sports, it’s time for Mitt to take it to the rim, net, cup, basket, hole or whatever other analogy works. Should he fail to do so, he doesn’t deserve to win the election. 


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14 replies

  1. “…he doesn’t deserve to win the election.”
    You got that part right.

    • Do you honestly have no substance when it comes to situations like these? Tiring of the drive-bys, Walt.

    • Hey walthe, what has Obama done to instill confidence in his electorate? Please detail for us, some of the more meaningful achievements or accomplishments that can be attributed to the Obama regime? (Hint: anything criticized by Obama prior to his election, does not count) I’ll be patiently awaiting your response (insert eye roll here).

  2. I have said for years now, that liberals want all these illegal immigrants here because they cheat and find a way to get them to vote. Off course, these criminals always vote Democrat. Like your quote from Breitbart states, “depend on the support of Paul”. I fear it will take a tragedy or disaster, to get ALL Americans to lobby their politicians to finally seal off the border. Some terrorist will sneak into the United States and set off a bomb, or poison the water or infect the populous with some horrible disease. Then it is too late. I get mad when I think about it. If I was in charge of Homeland Security, I could reduce illegal immigration in one month. I would probably be moved out of the position, maybe even killed, but I could stop these people from invading our country in about 4 weeks.

    • You’ve described the essence of liberal strategy – placate enough disparate voting blocks – and you win elections.

      Have you seen my term, “political lies,” on the right sidebar? I define them as “Liberals saying things they know aren’t true for the sole purpose of exploiting the ‘less-than-informed’ for political gain.” It’s never been more true than today.

      Moreover, future demographics are not in our favor, Irish.

      • All the tactics you correctly ascribe to those in the DemonRat party are detailed in the leftist bible, “Rules For Radicals”, which is the doctrine slavishly followed by all lefties.

        • I’ve read a lot of it. You bring up another example of one of things Republicans should be repeating over and over again. More folks need to be made aware of what makes the loons tick.

          • Rat: Excellent point! It seems there are very few on the right side of the aisle who even make mention of some of these tactics & strategies–Rep Allen West(R) of FL is one & Michelle Bachman(R) is another, that come readily to mind. We need strong, courageous voices willing & able to articulate a Conservative message & help to educate the oblivious American voter as to the mindset of those on the left & their SOP, as well.

  3. Maybe not deserve… but best of our choices now, live to vote or fight another day. But better win. Quote…”Officers have been told that there is no burden for the alien to prove anything.” Ain’t that so? Not necessarily alien by birth, but by attitude, training, and mind set. All the way…McCain to top. It’s just the same ole NWO stuff. Choom member…not Boy Scout…then you can’t whittle in America !

  4. We haven’t had a president since Ronald Reagan who could not only articulate conservative thought in an incisive manner, Elizabeth, but one who could also go over the heads of the “mainstream” media and speak directly to the American people.

    Romney needs to beat the drum incessantly about the liberal political lies, i.e. the “rich” not paying their “fair share,” the (at least) 21 new taxes incorporated in ObamaCare (including the 2.3% tax on medical devices), and the real story about the “dreamers” that I wrote about in this article.


    • That’s what whittle means…let the liberal politcal lies, the shavings flutter to the dirt to rot. Finish rotting as the stick was rotten in the first place (liberal progressivism). Gramps did constructive whittleing …built it by himself… sometimes a whistle or other child’s delightful toy. Sat under the ole oak tree or on his porchT, never trodding down the road or crossing a bridge. Then it was just over the river, through the woods, to grandma’s house we go. OK it was a long time ago. :) Pardon my reminencies, only about 65 years ago. He was also a watchmaker, gunsmith…let me fire my first pistol.


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