Supreme Ruler Of Planet Obama: Tax Cuts Are ‘Fairy Dust’


Hey, O – can you explain how trickle-UP works just one more time?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Supreme Ruler of Planet Obama, renowned expert on the economy, job creation and all other such complicated stuff:

“They have tried to sell us this trickle-down, tax-cut fairy dust before.”

Uh-huh, and you’ve been trying the trickle-UP method for four years. How’s that workin’ out for ya? And us?

As is usually the case when O preaches to a roomful of brilliant Obamabots – this one apparently as knowledgeable on all things economic as is he –  the robotic church-like response from the congregation only served to fire him up even more:

There’s just one thing, O: can you please explain to us economic non-geniuses just exactly how trickle-UP works one more time? I mean – I know you trot around the country preaching to the Obamabots about how “we didn’t build this country from the top down,” but many of us have a hard time wrapping our heads around the whole labor thing: If we built this country from the bottom up, O – who paid the wages?

Oh, and sometimes – you confuse us even more with the “we built this country from the middle out” thingy. So, what – the “middle” paid the wages in both directions? Very confusing, O, very confusing.

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3 replies

  1. Easily confused or just pretending? If I live on Social Security and two small pensions in a time of rapidly escalating medical and food costs, I cannot afford to be a consumer of everything or anything else. My limited spending will not create any jobs. Too many of us are in that boat. Without a vibrant middle class, the rich skim off the cream for themselves and millions starve and die for lack of medical care and our democracy dies.

  2. “If I”….from above…sounds like more of I,I,I, me, me, me. Where heard that before? At least no apology. Bought a snow cone in the heat today. A chicken sandwich tomorrow. Two people selling something…who have a job.

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