Today’s Logic Question: Why Does Harry Reid Continue To Block Senate Votes On ObamaCare?


The question seems logical enough, does it not? If Democrats are as committed to ObamaCare as they say they are – if the American public supports ObamaCare like Democrats tell us they do – if ObamaCare really is the panacea for all that ails healthcare in America – why would they not want to go on the record – four months before the election – and prove it?

For that matter, why does Barack Obama want to talk about everything under the sun except ObamaCare?

Speaking of desperate disingenuous Democrats, Harry Reid blocked yet another Senate vote on ObamaCare last night. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had proposed that the Senate vote on repeal of Obamacare soon after it returns from vacation in September, The Hill reports. “Let’s have a vote,” McConnell said on the floor. “Is Obamacare making things better or worse? Let’s show the American people what they want. It’s a vote they deserve.”

But Reid denied McConnell’s request: “Republicans are hopelessly stuck in the past,” he said. “They’re stuck in the past when insurance companies were king.” Dingy Harry said the issue was already decided when the Senate rejected an Obamacare repeal that was proposed in March. He also cited the Supreme Court decision in June upholding most of the law.

Hmm. Harry Reid worrying about Republicans being “stuck in the past.” Kinda like Democrats beating the 10-year-old dead horse to death about Romney’s time at Bain Capital. Or maybe it’s a little more like Reid himself making an unsubstantiated charge that Romney went ten years without paying taxes? Nah, we wouldn’t want to  get stuck in the past.

The fact is, Democrats – including O – want to stay as far away from ObamaCare  over the next four months as is possible. A floor vote in the Senate would be put them on the record again as supporting a tax monstrosity that continues to be unpopular with a majority of the public. Can’t have that happen before the election, can we?

Hell – most Democrats want to stay as far away from Obama as they can over the next four months. I hear there are plenty of rooms available in Charlotte, September 3-6.

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4 replies

  1. I have a logic answer, but will refrain for now. Has to do with Reid’s dirty hands touching the bill. As forRomney not paying taxes for 10 years?…there are legal ways approved by both sides about that. I read that about 49% do not pay income taxes, all legal and approved. So he being in the 1%, he is also in the 49%. More class warfare that’s all. Bet he paid property and sales taxes.

  2. Who understands the actions of either side?

  3. Reid is a liberal scumbag. He has led the most worthless Senate in modern history. Overall, we failed during our movement in 2010 in that we did not gain control on the Senate. Sure, taking the House of Representatives was a positive step . But, one third is certainly not a majority. We are not in a position to dictate terms. Boehner gets vilified for making concessions to reach the few agreements made on Capitol Hill. Let’s face it, every effort made in the House to turn things around is stalled or outright blocked by the Senate. Even WHEN Romney wins the election, we will be unable to make significant changes without total control of Congress.

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