New Low For O: Sues Ohio In Effort To Suppress Military Vote


From Newsmax – In a move that could have an impact on the final result of the presidential election, Barack Obama’s campaign has sued Ohio to block a measure which extends early voting for members of the military, saying there is “no discernible rational basis” for the allowance of special voting accommodations for America’s Armed Services.

Yep, you read that right. But how can that be, you ask? Surely, Rat, you’re not talking about the same Barack Obama who – on the Fourth of July, no less – thanked members of the military and their families for their service, saying they “represent what is best in America.” During the event on the White House lawn, the Commander-in-Chief pledged: “We will always be there for you, just as you’ve been there for us.”

Or, the same Barack Obama who said to the VFW in a speech last month: “As we look ahead to the challenges that we face as a nation and the leadership that’s required, you don’t just have my words, you have my deeds.”

Um, yeah – that Barack Obama.

Not only have the states customarily recognized the potential difficulties and unique situation that service members may face while attempting to vote, but the tradition of allowing special accommodations for military personnel dates back to the days of the Civil War.

While it’s no secret that Obama loathes the military (it’s all he can do to keep a look of disgust off his face as he pretends otherwise), it may be puzzling to some that he would take such an overt action to further alienate them. It shouldn’t be. Whenever Democrats do or say anything, all one needs do to figure out the reason is follow either the money – or the votes. But Rat, you say, doesn’t Obama have an epic history of pandering to people for votes? Why would he do something this boneheaded three months before the election? The answer, of course, is – because it’s three months before the election.

Let’s connect all two dots: Team Obama is fully aware that the military overwhelming supports Mitt Romney. Team Obama is also fully aware that Ohio is a crucial battleground state that O cannot afford to lose. Any other questions?

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, calling Obama’s law suit “quite shocking,” told Fox News on Friday:

“I’m just outraged by this. I can’t believe that the Obama campaign and the state Democratic Party are actually saying there’s no rational basis for a distinction between someone who is in the military voting – and somebody not in the military. Our whole history in this country – we’ve made a distinction between the two, recognizing the difficulties, and the unique situation that people in the military are in.”

While I’m in complete agreement with the attorney general’s assessment, I’m shocked that he’s shocked. Barack Obama has proven time and again that he will do or say anything to cling to power. That includes a blatant attempt to suppress the vote of America’s fighting men and women – ahead of the biggest fight of O’s life.

The irony could not be more ironic: O and the Democrats incessantly charge that Republicans attempt to suppress minority votes by having the racist audacity to support simple voter ID laws. Is the hypocrisy not breathtaking?

As has been the case with most of Barack Obama’s political miscalculations, this action will not only further alienate an already hostile military; it will further alienate patriotic freedom-loving Americans of all walks of life as well.

I bet O wouldn’t have any trouble finding a “discernible rational basis” for supporting early voting accommodations if hundreds of thousands of union members were stationed overseas. 


Yep, O – the military not only has your “words” – they also have yet another one of your “deeds” as you said – which always speak much louder than even your hollow words. 

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4 replies

  1. Still don’t see lapel flag on empty suit, from pic. Salute in the breeze…to whom?…Jarrett?

  2. As a 30 year veteran of the US Army, I can tell you that most soldiers hated Obama from day one. His pay raises in the 1% range were the lowest I witnessed in my career. We immediately lost bonus funding for re-enlistments. Two consecutive years without a pay raise for retirees was also a first in decades, maybe ever. Now, he is increasing the co-payments for medical care. Sure, he was concerned about everyone in the country having coverage, but he has no problem robbing it from the troops. You are correct, he hates the military. We represent the strong arm of capitalism that he despises. I am not surprised at his attempts to reduce service member’s votes. Al Gore tried the same thing in Florida in 2000. Reprehensible, if you ask me. But, the Main Stream Media will do there best to ignore this vile act. I bet only Fox will cover the story. Most of the military folks that I know only watch FNC.

  3. Small consulation I guess Irish-7, but thanks for your service, 30 years. I only did 2 active, and 9 reserves. None in combat, double and triple thanks. We shall over come…something the “folks” seem to have forgotten from the days of MLK, it’s Farrakhan and Rev. Wright message now. And that ain’t for God to bless us all, least of all America.


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