Here We Go Again: Sikh Temple Shooting Michele Bachmann’s Fault


FROM DEEP INSIDE LIBERAL WORLD – It’s no longer a question of if liberals will blame conservatives for the latest act of horrific violence. Hell – it’s not a question of when anymore; it happens immediately. It isn’t even a who, either. After all, we’ve got plenty of likely suspects: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann – just to name our starting five in the liberal game of “Which conservative(s) can we blame for this massacre?”. 

Following the attack on the Sikh temple, Michele Bachmann was instantly named MVP by the Left – as it once again connected dots that only liberal loons can connect:

1. In June of this year, five members of the House (including Bachmann) sent letters to the Inspectors General of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the Department of State with the intent of finding out the depth of U.S. involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood – particularly within the U.S. intelligence community. (The Muslim Brotherhood has been in operation for nearly a century, and has been of concern to lawmakers from both parties for years.)

2. Another lone gunman commits an unconscionable act of violence against innocent people – this time resulting in the death of seven – including the shooter.

3. Michele Bachmann was responsible for the shooting.

See how easy that was? It makes no difference that the shooting occurred at a Sikh temple – vs. a Muslim mosque. (Right-wing haters often confuse Sikhs and Hindus with Muslims, you know.) It makes no difference that – as was the case with the Tucson and Aurora shootings – liberals have zero evidence to support their baseless charges and obscene comments. A few of their gems:

And of course, what bitter liberal comment would be complete without wishing death on the evil conservative(s) of the moment:

It makes no difference to these bitter morons that they exhibit the very blind hatred of which they accuse Michele Bachmann and other conservatives in their pathetic attempts to link “the right-wing” to every horrendous crime that comes down the pike. No, all that matters to these misguided loons is their honor-bound duty to exploit yet another tragedy in the righteous name of vilifying conservatives. Welcome, once again, to Liberal World.

If it proves to be true that the shooter was a white supremacist – as some early reports have suggested – watch for all hell to break loose on the Left. At least they’ll be 1 and 2. 

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13 replies

  1. Now kiddies, let’s play a Rat’s Right game in reverse: Let’s post the first two points in the above story verbatim – no changes – OK, with me so far? So it’s the same story until we get to point three. Now, let’s turn the story around and change point three to: “O was responsible for the shooting”! Viola, NOW we have a Rat’s Right post!
    See how easy that was? Shall we call it, Food For Thought? Have a Rat’s Right Day!

    • Your comment is not only bizarre, it’s illogical:

      1. REPUBLICAN Representatives sent letters demanding to know the depth of a DEMOCRAT administration’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.

      2. CONSERVATIVES did not suggest that LIBERALS were responsible for the Tucson, Aurora or Sikh temple shootings.

      3. Your attempt to suggest that my CORRECT DESCRIPTION of the dots connected by liberals is somehow analogous to my criticism of the failed policies and ideology of your president is ridiculous. If you have specific examples you’d like to challenge, bring it on – I welcome the opportunity to respond.

      At any rate, your silly condescension was amusing. It always is from you people.

  2. I’m here to serve. Though I don’t have facts to back up my points on #1 and #2, we could easily spin it to reflect the opposite views. Both sides do it and we all know it. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. And BTW, I’m not far left or far right, I’m right in the middle, just exercising my free speech rights just like you do. You often make good points (but not always) thank you!

  3. Because liberals cannot stand on principles, logic or the plain truth, they make shit up. This has been their game plan from Day One. Since they control the Main Stream Media, their theories and lies perpetuate.

    • As I say on the sidebar in definition of the political lie:

      “Liberals saying things they know aren’t true for the sole purpose patronizing the “less than informed” for political gain.”

      It’s the only way they remain viable as a political party.

  4. Recess is over. Come in kids and settle down. It’s time to realize we are all American’s not Amurican’s. Let’s grow up and stop the vicious attacks on one another. Everyday United States Marines die for your freedoms and free speech. Grow up or we will soon be conquered. We are dividing everyday over simple matters. What ever happened to America? Former United States Marine

  5. I am an ignorant right leaning conservative. I am ignorant because I can’t for the life of me figure out why it isn’t blatant racism on the part of these idiot leftists that they see someone wearing a turban, and label them a Muslim. Seems to my small mind like they are again the ones labelling a person based upon their perception of that persons appearance or by the fact that the attack occurred at a temple. Sounds racist to me.

  6. Words have consequences; that’s why you and I write. If someone preaches hate, don’t be surprised at the results.

  7. By the way, up to 100 years from now, one of the last survivors of the Sikh temple shooting should would have said, “I was saved by young children!” After all the survivors of the Sikh Temple shooting, the hole will remain there for all time.

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