Biden Accuses Republicans Of Using Scare Tactics: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!


The irony is completely lost on the Gaffe Machine

Listen, I stopped writing about the silly misadventures of goofball Biden some time ago, I mean, hell – were a conservative blogger to write a post every time the Gaffe Machine said something stupid, he’d end up with a blog completely dedicated to the Gaffe Machine saying something stupid. 

However, every once in awhile, Joe comes up with a ridiculous comment so epic that I can’t stop myself from writing about it. This is one of those every once in awhiles. In an address to the Disabled American Veterans national convention in Nevada last weekend, the Vice President of Hypocrisy said the following:

“The Republicans are using scare tactics now to pass the buck when it comes to defense spending. Look, we’re going to get through this, in my view, but this is a hell of a way to do business. We owe our military more certainty.”

Uh-huh. Like the certainty of the Regime’s lawsuit against Ohio for granting members of the military unique voting accommodations that have existed since the Civil War?

We’ll just let the irony of the “buck-passing” reference go for now, but scare tactics? An accusation from a blue blood Democrat – let alone the Regime’s second-in-command – of someone using scare tactics? That’s like Michael Moore chastising another customer at McDonald’s for eating a Quarter Pounder with Cheese – as he sits on his fat ass and eats his own Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Even better, the irony is completely lost on this goofball.

I’ll refrain from listing the latest and greatest examples of Democrat scare tactics, save for this one: Moonbat Pelosi recently explained to an intimate gathering of lobotomized Obamabots that the Republicans – er, sorry – the “E. Coli Club” wants our children to drink E. Coli contaminated water. Nope, nothing “scare tactic” there, huh?

Anway, back to the Gaffe Machine. This is the same guy who, while shamelessly linking raising taxes on “the rich” to “cuts in federal funding for local fire and police departments”, recently told a group of 100 federal, state and local police officers and firefighters:

“You’re stuck in a God-awful mess, and so it doesn’t make sense to us that that would be happening at a time when the need for y’all actually would be increasing. They (Republicans) walked away because they didn’t like the way we were paying for it.” 

There’s one thing we know: the more cops on the street, the fewer cops get killed. The more firefighters responding to a fire, the fewer injuries to the firefighters -because you have each other’s backs.” 

As an aside, why do liberals feel the need to slip into whatever accent or use of slang they feel will appeal to the group they’re patronizing? “Y’all”, Joe, seriously? Listen, I know it’s second nature for O to slip into the black church thing, but when Hillary used to try to do it? It couldn’t have been any more awkward or funnier.

Here’s the bottom line: The Democratic Party is party of false choices. In Liberal World, the choice is always between raising taxes on “the rich” and letting something “God awful” happen to whatever group Democrats are trying to scare at the moment. In this case, police officers, firefighters and first-responders. Yep, according to Joe Biden, police officers will die and firefighters will be injured – if Congressional Republicans don’t agree to raise taxes. Really, Joe? How about we say: police officers will die and firefighters will be injured if we don’t stop losing hundreds of millions of dollars on failed green energy companies and funding Planned Parenthood?

See where we’re going with this, Joe? We could play this game forever, you disingenuous hypocrite.

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  1. GOP is the POO Party, Party of Obstruction.

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