Oh, By The Way, Israel Is A Monster Who Stabs And Eats Children


Um, yeah, that’s “USA” on the butt of the monster’s rifle

Perhaps the only group of morons who could challenge the Democrats in a two-moron hypocrisy contest is the peaceful religion of Islam. I mean, think about it: they rape – er, sorry – force young girls into arranged marriages, sodomize young boys, indiscriminately kill entire families and otherwise show no mercy to the innocence of youth. Moreover? They do these things to their own people. Yet – in the twisted mind of Islam – there is no force on the planet more evil than – wait for it – da Jooos.

So, in the spirit of Jew-hating, Palestinian Authority Television recently ran a feature on an artist and his latest masterpiece: a painting depicting Israeli monsters stabbing and eating Palestinian children. How avant garde.

The “artist,” Abd al-Hai Msallam, explained that the painting “deals with the problems plaguing the Palestinian nation, such as the Israeli massacres in Gaza,” adding: “It’s about the slaughter in Gaza and the Zionist enemy’s cruelty and savagery.”

Apparently, in the wacky world of Islam, raping children, beheading their parents in front of them and blowing up school buses don’t qualify as “cruelty” or “savagery.” For your viewing pleasure:

And these are the people for whom O throws Israel under the bus? Go figure. 

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  1. Last week, I had a stretched out argument on Facebook with a few guys (ex-Army, like me) that portrayed Israel as the cruel, bully-barbarians and the Palestinians as the innocent, oppressed people. The one guy, a lawyer from California, cited examples of Israeli soldiers killing pregnant Arab women, mortaring Christians in Lebanon, etc. I am not a history major, but I know enough to say with confidence that the Hebrews were kicked around for thousands of years and just started fighting back in 1948. They are surrounded by millions of Muslims sworn to wipe them out. Israel has been the victim of more terror attacks than the rest of the world combined. I was planning on researching the actual numbers, so as to support my belief that the Jews are the good guys. But, more important things came up. I stand behind the Jewish state. I even joined an organization, Christians United For Israel, and send them money periodically. Bottom line: Jewish schools are NOT teaching the vile distortion of history and perpetuating the hate as the Muslims are. As I see it, the West Bank is part of the “Land flowing with milk and honey” that the Lord God gave Moses. You cannot trump that!

  2. Good people and bad people exist in all faiths and no faiths. If you use statistics to prove your point, you are desperate.

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