The Regime Is Lying


From The Blaze – The Obama administration would have you believe that they really have no idea who this Joe Soptic guy is. By now, you probably know he‘s the man who’s insinuating that Mitt Romney killed his wife. But the Regime isn’t telling you the truth – which in my book, is lying.

Sure, they’re saying things like “We don’t know the whole story” and other PR-speak that technically gives them cover – but in the rest of America where you and I live, we still hold onto the idea that not telling the whole truth is still a lie. (Regime: guilty as charged.)

Want proof? Below are two ads. In the first ad, Soptic is featured telling part of his story – and after he’s done, the voice of O comes on saying that he “approves” the message. Wait, the same Joe Soptic the administration claims it knows noting about actually appeared in an O-approved ad? You bet your Chicago politics. The second ad is the pro-O Super PAC ad:

Here’s the real kicker: The Regime went on CNN yesterday claiming again, to not really kinda sorta know all of this Soptic guy’s story. But – oopsie – the same mouthpiece who’s spewing the claim, Stephanie Cutter, unfortunately hosted a conference call earlier this year featuring the very same Joe Soptic:

Any questions?

If you don’t see through this dishonest group of liberal political hacks by now – you never will.

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5 replies

  1. I want to hear follow up interview of that woman, think in Tampa, who said on Obama’s election… no more car note, no more mortgage note. What’s her story now…I guess it would be another lie.

  2. Soptic’s wife death not Romney’s fault. It is the fault of our healthcare payment system that allows people to die when they can’t afford insurance.

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