Obama’s Gotta Go: The Story Behind The Newsweek Cover

“A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” – George Bernard Shaw 

Welcome to Obama’s America: Nearly half the population is not represented on a taxable return – almost exactly the same proportion that lives in a household where at least one member receives some type of government benefit. We are becoming the 50 – 50 nation – half of us paying the taxes, the other half receiving the benefits. Sobering thought, isn’t it?

Moreover, it’s music to the ears of Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow “progressives.” Like George Bernard Shaw, (although for opposite reasons), O has been fully aware of the Peter-Paul reality since at least his college days.

As president, O has worked relentlessly (albeit mostly by royal decree) to create as many Pauls as possible: redistribution of wealth through ObamaCare, record numbers of Americans on food stamps and government disability benefits, a million or more illegal aliens granted “non-amnesty” – just to name a few of his “accomplishments.”

I must admit that when I first saw the cover of this week’s Newsweek Magazine, I thought it had to be a spoof. I mean – seriously? Newsweek? This is the equivalent of Pravda having called for the ouster of Leonid Brezhnev during the heady days of the Soviet Union (which never happened, now was it imaginable).

But alas, Obamabots, it’s true: one of America’s two leading liberal magazines – which was sold for $1 two years ago – has told the boy king to “hit the road.” (Incidentally, “leading” in this context can be thought of as “the tallest midget.”)

Who’s next – Muslim Monthly and The New York Times?

How can this be, you ask? To be fair, the feature article was written by former McCain advisor Niall Ferguson – of which a liberal friend not only broke his neck to remind me, but to attempt to discredit the author as well – as if this somehow diminishes the fact that liberal elitist Tina Brown, Newsweek’s editor-in-chief, okayed both the story and the stinging cover as well. Ouch, loons.

Here’s Niall Ferguson’s “story behind the cover” – via The Daily Beast:

I was a good loser four years ago. “In the grand scheme of history,” I wrote the day after Barack Obama’s election as president, “four decades is not an especially long time. Yet in that brief period America has gone from the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. to the apotheosis of Barack Obama. You would not be human if you failed to acknowledge this as a cause for great rejoicing.”

Despite having been – full disclosure -an advisor to John McCain, I acknowledged his opponent’s remarkable qualities: his soaring oratory, his cool, hard-to-ruffle temperament, and his near faultless campaign organization.

Yet the question confronting the country nearly four years later is not who was the better candidate four years ago. It is whether the winner has delivered on his promises. And the sad truth is that he has not.

In his inaugural address, Obama promised “not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth.” He promised to “build the roads and bridges, the electric grids, and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together.” He promised to “restore science to its rightful place and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its cost.” And he promised to “transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age.” Unfortunately the president’s scorecard on every single one of those bold pledges is pitiful. Continue reading…

Whatever metaphor you choose: rats fleeing a sinking ship, nurses eating their young, or throwing someone under the bus – this much is clear: There’s nothing quite like watching the behavior of panicked liberals in desperate times. Grab a seat and some buttered popcorn – the show’s just begun.

Can you imagine what this guy will do if he wins a second term – with no concern for ever running for office again?

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5 replies

  1. I am equally as shocked to see Newsweek betray their liberal mantra. But, I am happy never-the-less. I am a little disturbed to see that Social Security Disability is growing so rapidly. Not just because this is a hidden extension of Unemployment benefits, but more so that they turned me down. In SEP 10, I retired after a 30 year career in the military. I had been ignoring serious medical conditions for a decade in order to remain on active duty. It may be difficult for some folks to understand, but I actually loved the Army that much. Anyway, I filed for disability with the Veterans Administration. It took 19 months for closure in my case (a year for the decision & another 7 months to get back pay). I am receiving 100% VA Disability. Social Security shot me down! The Administrative Law Judge that conducted my appeal hearing acknowledged that I was disabled and unemployable with the VA. He did not care. I support a family of 4 on a military pension and VA disability check. I am not complaining. I feel lucky in that many of our heroes don’t make it home. But, I am annoyed to think that Social Security Disability is handed out to people that are not broken. Perhaps this only applies to Democrats, or former union members. It sure has not worked that way for me! I hope you don’t look at me as the 50% “on the take”. I worked in some very demanding positions in some truly horrible places during my lengthy military career. I pay taxes on my military pension, but not the VA disability. My wife and I are “Preppers” so we are making additional purchases every month to be ready for a potential crisis, disaster or national tragedy (economic collapse). We are definitely supporting employment for the folks who make guns, ammo, dried goods and medical supplies. Thanks again for spreading the truth!

    • I have heard similar stories from others, Irish. First off, God bless you for your service to our country, and God bless you family for their support of you doing so.

      Perhaps you should declare yourself an illegal alien. I’m sure your needs would be taken care of straight away.

      And, of course, I don’t look at you as one of the “takers.” We have a moral responsibility to take of those who – for whatever valid reason – find themselves in need of assistance.

      It is a disgrace that good, hardworking Americans such as yourself do not receive the same service that you have given to this country.

  2. We had some difficult times from my Army retirement until the VA finally processed my award. But, we are alright now. If Social Security denies my second appeal, we will still be alright. I actually saved every letter from the charities that I normally support, until I got paid off 19 months later. I am trying not to be bitter. But, the failure of the government to follow it’s own written rules and criteria, plus the exceptions made for those who don’t deserve any favors, are really rubbing salt in my wounds. I hope that Americans are smart enough to see that we are on the wrong path and vote so accordingly in November.

  3. Hey, it worked in France recently! Like your quote up top states “Can always count on the support of Paul”. Democrats have bought the entitlement crowd vote for decades now. The worst part is, they are always the first ones to complain when there is no more milk in the cow! We just witnessed the same thing in Greece. As soon as the “free ride” is over, there is rioting, looting and violence in the streets. That is how I viewed the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd. “Gimme, gimme, gimme! What are are you going to do for me next”? I also detest this process.

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