Black Conservatives Speak Out After NBC/WSJ Poll Shows Black Support For Romney At ZERO


These people are a figment of your imagination

Remember the last presidential election in Iraq under Saddam Hussein? It was a nail-biter. Saddam won: 100% – 0%. As unbelievable as that seems, it’s happened again – right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Yep, according to a poll conducted for NBC/WSJ, zero percent of blacks in America support Mitt Romney. Not 5% – or even 1%. 0%. Zilch. Zip. Squat. Amazing, huh?

So, the question arises: In order for 100% of the findings of this poll to be correct, 100% of the polling data needs to be correct, right? (Even if we assume Romney is supported by less than .005 blacks and the number was rounded down.) Therefore, we shouldn’t be able to find any black supporters of Mitt, right?

Being the superb investigative conservative political blogger that I am, guess what? I found some. After the poll’s findings were released, Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with comments from – wait for it – black conservatives! A sampling:

I hesitate to bust out the “R” word – given that we’re accused of it from the Left on a daily basis, (just yesterday for me, in fact), but is it not racism to virtually ignore the existence of a group of blacks – simply because they’re conservative? Is it not racist to relegate them to zero in a nationally-conducted poll? Doesn’t it say, “You don’t exist, and even if you do, you don’t matter – you’re zero.”? This non-existent black conservative said it best:

Listen, I’m not suggesting that Mitt Romney will get anywhere near 10% of the black vote; as I’ve said before, O could declare himself a communist, paint the White House black and set George Bush on fire, and his support among blacks would “plummet” to 85%. What I am saying is this: For generations, blacks have sought an “equal voice” – an opportunity to  “just be heard.” Apparently this only applies to liberal blacks. After all, if you’re black and conservative in liberal America – you’re zero.

Come to think of it, if you’re black and conservative in liberal America, you’re worse than zero; you’re a traitor.

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  1. It is a well-known leftist fact that any black person who says they are going to vote for Romney is, by that fact, no longer black, and vice-versa. Remember, Slick Willie was the first black President after all.

  2. Yes, and Bubba wasn’t (as far as we know) even half-black. Not sure that O minds sharing the mantle with him though, after having been named to the Forward 50 as one of America’s top 50 Jews and everything. Gag me. (Um – he was technically #51, but for a guy who thinks there’re 57 states, who’s counting?)

  3. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:

    Most dems/libs and race huslters need their minorities to be victims and dependent on the federal government. Conservative Blacks are pushed to the back of the political bus by the above folks.

  4. if only one thing good has happened with the election of Obama as President it’s that it has given a platform to the black conservative movement and I thank God for that!!!

  5. Visited GoodOleWoody’s Blog. Might want to rename it Blog from the Plantation. I recommend Kevin Jackson’s…The Black Sphere.

  6. Heck, I am FaceBook Friends with at least .005% black Romney supporters. I expect this from NBC but this brings real shame and a question of credibility to the WSJ.


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