British Regulatory Agency May ‘Investigate’ BBC Sitcom for ‘Insulting Islam’


In an article earlier this month – Britain Continues To Flush Itself Down The Multiculturalism Toilet – I wrote about the shocking societal changes occurring in Jolly Old England in deference to its ever-growing Muslim population – at the expense of British culture. Now comes word that Ofcom – the regulatory agency which oversees UK broadcasting rules relating to “viewer harm and offense” – may launch an investigation into  BBC1’s Citizen Khan, a comedy about a modern Asian family, after receiving complaints that it stereotypes Muslims and insults Islam. Seriously. (Is Benny Hill rolling over in his grave?)

From The Guardian:

The TV regulator has received about 20 complaints about the sitcom, which debuted on BBC1 in Monday night, and is now assessing them. Ofcom will then make a decision as to whether the complaints warrant a formal investigation to see whether the BBC has broken any UK broadcasting rules relating to viewer harm and offence.

The BBC had received 187 complaints by Tuesday about the show, which follows the life of a self-appointed “Muslim community leader” and his British-Pakistani family in Birmingham, following its broadcast.

Wait a minute – a Muslim community organizer leader? Okay, that was a cheap shot – but this is serious stuff. It’s also another example of how far this once fiercely independent country has bowed to the pressures of multiculturalism – or, more correctly, Islam. The question is, has the UK done so out of a desire for inclusivity – or out of fear? I suspect the latter.

The larger question, of course, is, could what we’re seeing in Great Britain – as well as in multiple other European countries – happen here? We’ve seen school systems begin to teach “Islam tolerance” classes. (Funny – I don’t recall running across any “Christian tolerance” classes lately.) We’ve seen grade schools in New York introduce Arabic classes into their curriculums. What’s next? Musn’t offend the Muslims, you know.

While the Fairness Doctrine has been tossed into the regulatory dustbin of history – for now – would it surprise anyone if a future Democrat Party – in control of both chambers of Congress and the White House – ramrodded revised (and more ominous) “fairness” legislation through again? They haven’t forgotten about it, America – and they won’t.

Less than four years ago, I would’ve said that the possibility of events occurring in the UK today could be thinkable in America were zero. After the last four years, I’m not so sure.

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  1. You would think that the leaders in England would connect the dots with the wave of crime and terrorist problems that came with their open immigration policy for Muslims. How !@#$%^& dumb can you be? The British people should be up in arms about the failed policies of “multiculturalism”. I am sick of the pandering we do, while Christians are the subject of scorn from the Main Stream Media. Then again, we are too stupid to observe the economic mess in Greece. The Democrats are still proposing spending in the red. God help us!

    • Mark Steyn, author of America Alone, has written extensively about the Islamization of Europe. Gaddafi once said something to the effect that Islam would take over Europe without firing a shot. In most European countries, the Muslim birthrate is somewhere in the neighborhood of three times that of indigenous folks. Do the math – which Steyn does – and it’s scary stuff.

      We should be okay, though; the Democrats will spend us into oblivion before we ever have to worry about the Muslims. ;-)

  2. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    h Regulatory Agency May ‘Investigate’ BBC Sitcom for ‘Insulting Islam’

  3. The BBC is so timorous about Islam that I’d be amazed if this programme offended anyone except those wish to be offended. There’s a wonderful irony if the BBC is found guilty here, as it bends over backwards to avoid giving offence to Islam. I don’t watch much TV, so I didn’t see it, and none of the papers here has made much of a fuss about it.

    A combination of a desire not to offend anyone (except Christians) and a desire to be liberal has produced the situation here – our politicians aren’t bright enough to be scared!

    • What’s so troubling to many of us, is not whether the BBC will be “found guilty,” Jess, but the fact that the British government is able to “investigate” a television show for this reason at all. In the States, censorship would generally be limited to sex and violence. Slippery slope – particularly in light of the goings-on I detailed in my previous article on the subject.

      It IS good to know – that like the U.S. – the UK has no problem offending Christians. ;-)

      • It’s actually a regulatory body rather than the Government – what we call a QUANGO – ‘Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization’ (I wish I were kidding, but I’m not) :)

        • Regulatory bodies exist at the pleasure of the government. Regardless (some dopey Americans like to say “irregardless,” lol), the potential to punish, suppress, “find guilty,” or whatever – for “insulting Islam” (or any other religion) is scary stuff.

          Nice to see that you have ridiculous names for organizations too. Don’t you love that “quasi-autonomous” qualifier? Not to mention the part thrown in about “non-governmental” – as if that’s supposed to make it sound less authoritative? ;-)

  4. Objection has to be because of that hot looking gal sitting on the arm of the sofa. Reminds me of that old tv series, Genie.
    She popped out of a Alladin type lamp back then. She was hot then as well. They’re mad ’cause this gal is not waiting in muslim heaven for them.

  5. I still dream about Barbara Eden. I think she was my first……..dream. If only the real Arabs had that loving demeanor.

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