O ‘Honors’ Fallen SEALS By Sending Form Letters To Their Parents – Signed By Electric Pen


And the Regime can’t understand why the U.S. military so disdains its Commander-in-Chief. First, it was O’s rejection of his top generals’ military plan for withdrawal from Afghanistan – in favor of the political plan of his top operativesThen, it was the “I Killed Bin Laden Victory Tour”- during which O attempted (in vain) to snatch credit away from the real heroes – including the Navy SEALS who carried out the raid. Oh, and after having admonished America: “We don’t spike the football.”

Now comes word that following the August 6, 2011 crash of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan that took the lives of 30 U.S. servicemen – 17 of them SEALS – the Commander-in Chief sent form letters to their parents – signed by electric pen. Nice touch, O – way to show you give a damn.

From The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft:

Yesterday, Karen and Billy Vaughn, parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn, spoke at the Defending the Defenders forum sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots outside the RNC Convention in Tampa. Karen brought along a copy of the form letter they were sent following their son’s death.

“Karen Vaughn reached out to the parents of the other SEALs killed in that crash,” said Hoft. “Their letters were all the same. Form letters – signed by an electric pen.”

The deadliest single loss of U.S. forces in the 10-year war in Afghanistan – and O sends form letters to bereaved family members – signed by electric pen. What a Commander-in-Chief, huh?

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9 replies

  1. My take on this is easy, Obama is a worthless POS who has no respect for America or our Military. Please go away and be sure to take that Wookie Moochell with you.

    • Hey now, what has Mooch done? Okay, fine – spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money on luxury vacations. Never mind. ;-)

      Seriously, you’re right Jerry. I have a good friend whose brother is in the military – very close to Obama. Says O doesn’t even acknowledge their presence unless he has to – for a camera. Pathetic.

  2. But Rat, you are failing to see it from the right (that is left) viewpoint. An electronic signature from the Obamessiah is worth more than the real signature of a real American :)

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