Hillary Staying As Far The Hell Away From Democratic National Convention As Is Humanly Possible


“No, no – I’m good – I’ll call you!”

From the Rats Fleeing The Sinking Ship Department: While the various stories of high-profile Democrats skipping next week’s DNC have mounted for months, none is more satisfying than that of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Most of the lies excuses reasons given by prominent Democrats who will be no-shows center on the “critical importance” of “getting out and meeting with the folks” ahead of November’s election. (Musn’t miss a day or two of doing their damnedest to divide America, you know.) But – as one might expect – Hill’s explanation is even better: Madam Secretary of State must attend the “very significant” Pacific Island Forum – in the Cook Islands.

Imagine – if you will – Hillary and her staff – months ago – frantically pouring over upcoming events around the world that Hill could use as an excuse to vamoose before the start of the convention. One gets the feeling (this one, anyway) that if it had come down to it, she would have found a state fair somewhere with awesome deep-fried Twinkies that she just couldn’t pass up.

Hillary – who claims to have no future interest in politics – is rumored to be very much interested in tossing her hat (pantsuit?) into the 2016 race. (Ah, misdirection; how Clintonesque.) That said, it’s not much of a stretch to assume she wants no part of rearranging the deck chairs on HMS Obama. (No slight to the Brits intended on the “HMS” reference – it’s just that “His Majesty’s Ship” seems far more appropriate than “United States Ship” (USS) – given that our “citizen-of-the-world” president tends to rule by decree.)

As for Hill’s trip to the Cook Islands (along with side-trips to Indonesia, China, Timor-Leste, Brunei, and Russia – just to make everything look more believable), the State Department offered this explanation:

“The Cook Islands this year are the hosts of one of the most important institutions of the Pacific – called the Pacific Island Forum. It’s a group that meets yearly with a number of working groups. It’s been in existence almost half a century; it’s very significant.” 

Uh-huh, sure it is. So are the deep-fried Twinkies at the Vermont State Fair.

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15 replies

  1. Well, you could say that visiting Indonesia was a concession to the Obamamessiah :)

  2. Rat that’s funny “the Rats Fleeing the Sinking Ship.” Funnier is the phrase “as is humanly possible.” Hilliary…humanly? Her’s was the healthcare plan in the early 90’s that made it illegal to seek medical care outside the government plan even if you could afford it.

  3. Good character trait to be able to laugh at one’s self. I admit to that one myself. However, sometimes I learn that my funny business is a bit of stupidity. Been around a long time, so guilty of both. :)

  4. You pick up on things the rest of us miss, Rat. Then again, I don’t see myself watching much of the Democratic Convention. Anyway, I would think that if Barry really wanted Hillary there, he would have told her. How about that snake, Schultz? Does she not have the influence to drag all the troops together for battle planning? Hillary still has some fans. I feel that folks are going to miss her. It may show fractures in the party’s alliance. I think I’ll hold that positive thought and sleep on it. Thanks again for keeping us informed.

    • Thanks, Irish. Listen, given the choice between Hillary and the community organizer, I’d take Hillary every day of the week and twice on Sunday. While Hillary and I agree on almost nothing, I do respect her commitment and hard work.

      Sure she’d be there if O wanted her to be there, but I suspect one Clinton sucking the oxygen out of our thin-skinned little president’s room will be enough for him.

      As for Schultz, it’s unfair to compare him to a snake. What has a snake ever done to you? ;-) (Although, it’s a toss-up as to who is more deranged – Eddie, or Tingles Matthews.)

      Thanks again for following RR, Irish – most appreciated!

  5. I never liked Hill but I must say she has earned her stripes.

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